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  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I know the first comment I will get is "pictures please", but I have tried and tried, and I can't get a decent photograph in my grow room, they all come out fuzzy, so I will do my best to describe so you can confirm my suspicions some way.

    I hcurretnly ahve 4 plants I have just put into flowering last friday, after growing them from seed under a 250 blue spectrum envirolite. The all grew to about 1 foot so ithough it was time to get them on 12/12. On 3 of the plants I have really thin white hairs growing up from the nodes, this is most noticable on the top of the pants,as the ones underneath are still very premature.
    The other plant, already a littel bigger than th rest, shows no hairs whatsoever, but not much else either.

    I suspect the latter might be a male, which, if I'm correct, leaves me with 3 girls out of 4.
    When do I take the male out?

    Also, I am flowering using a 200W red spectrum envirolite, but I will replace witha 300 watt one andf hang the samller bulb between the plants. Will 500 watts give me good yield for my three plants if they all turn out to be famales? Not sure of the weed I'm growing as it;s bagseed but it's really kickass stuff and I suspect it may be Cheese.

    Last but not least ; I use a humidifier to keep the humidity around 40%, but I have read in some places that I should keep it lower in flowering to trick the plant into yileding more bud. Is this true or just a fable?
    I'm asking becasue the humidier is on 24/7 and it would be easier if I didn't have to use it all the time.

    I'm using BIOBIZZ GROW and BLOOM now, as the packaging states to keep using the GROW whilst flowring as well.

    Sorry, lots of questions!
  2. Well, you inability to take pictures does not create in us a greater ability to diagnose based only on a description. But I'll give it a whirl...

    White hairs is a sign of female. Make sure, however, you are actually looking at pistils and not the stipules, which many newbie growers mistake for pistils.

    Males will be characterized by clusters of little pollen sacs. Males usually show a little quicker than females, so it's a little strange that the one you suspect is male isn't showing anything yet (to your eye). Look closely in the crook of the nodes for small clusters of balls. If you find a male remove it as soon as possible, there is no benefit to waiting and they can start blowing their load pretty early.

    What is the total rated lumens of those 2 lights?

    I probably would limit the humidifier if not turn it off completely during flower.
  3. Hi, thank you for your reply. I tried again to take pictures but my sony C902 may have a 5 MP camera and a macro setting but it's rubbish as soon as I get close enough, and my ex got the camera in the divorce! ( I got the plants :))

    I can see definite white pistils on most of the plants, most around the top as they get the most light. I will hold off on getting rid of the suspected male until I'm sure, htey hafe only been on 12/12 for a few days so maybe tomorrow will bring news, they change so much every day now!

    I don't know what the lumens output is of the envirolites 2700k. Anyone ese maybe?
    I am really happy with how they perform, but they are fragile and expensive, I switched the humidifier off as I can see the pants are creating some of their own now.

    If anyone could come round with a proper camera I can take some pics, problem is mymates neve get here until later and the lights go out at 8pm... Time will tell, I do check them twice a day at least so as soon as I see testicles I'll remove the plant!
  4. You take out the male ASAP if you dont want seed or want it to use for some other odd reason(Cross breeding or something)

    I know how you feel though, sometimes getting a good picture is hard . . . i cant ever get a good one without a digital camera with a good macro function! bleh

    Anyways congrats on the ladies!

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