sexing help plssssssss!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sam2020, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Hi to Sid and others

    I need some help sexing my plants, I think they are coming into sex, and am having probs,
    I know its 'easy' balls for male and hair for female,

    I have probs seeing and am impressed I got this far, anyone want a look at photos for me????????Please...pretty please!!


  2. how do you know they are flowering?.....have you reduced the light to 12/12?.....if so then check the search engine here at the city and you'll you'll see lots of female and male pics!.......try searching for "flowering"......and search through them......Peace out......Sid
  3. Hi Sid

    They have been on the 12/12 cycle for nearly 2 weeks now and as far as I know this is the time for sexing but as I said I have probs with the old sight..

    could show you some photos if you wouldn't mind having a look - bit apprehensive about posting pics on the site but would be more than willing to mail you if you were willing.

    I think we are in the same country at least so you cant be more than a few (hundred) miles away...pop round LOL!!


    thanxs again

  4. is it possible to see the Sex of ur plant be 4 you put ur lights on 12/12?
  5. sam i'd love to see the pics, however i don't like to give out my e-mail address, it's safe to post pics here at the me........

    SECNEEK.....the only way to tell before flowering is to cover a branch for 12 hours a day with a black bag for approx 5-14 days till it shows what sex it is.......Peace out......Sid
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  8. got me sexin prob sorted 2day

    me mate popped round and was able to see that there was 1 male which was hastily removed and all the rest are certified female so I'm just sitting back and waiting for my babies to finnish off

    can't wait

    still any comments on the pics welcome


  9. its weird u say that, i have had my lights on this plant for 24/7 and i look real close and i see little ball in the corner of a few nodes
    if my plant turns out to be a Dude, will somone please feel sorry for me and mail me some real seeeeeds, cause i dont have a credit card to order from online.haha

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  10. I had 1 male out of 7 plants so thinking myself lucky, just heading down the home straight now........

    I hope for your sake that its not a dude, if so beat the crap out of it (might make u feel better) LOL

    Good luck

  11. good to hear you got your problem sorted it would still be hard to tell from the pics.......sam you were very fortunate to get that ratio of females to males.....usually it works out at approx 50-50......Peace out......Sid

    ps, SECNEEK, have you tried free seeds here.....
  12. haha that's cool as hell.. thanks for that Link.. but IM scared to buy shit like that off the Internet, i looked at the trouble u would get into from Cultivating some weed and it said 10,000 fine and 5-30 years in PRISON... Screw that, there has gotta be an easier way.. Its crazy what the law can do to you OVER A PLANT.. IM saying Beer and Liquor are 10 times worse! and have a serious effect on your way of thinking and or judgment. And never hear of anyone going out and killing someone with there car, or beating there kids and wife because there High from smoking some weed.. umm NOOO, our goverment and law agencys got everything twisted.. when u smoke u wanna relax n chill out, and eat some snacks, watch some flicks, do somthing CREATIVE.. When ur drunk u wanna Fight, Fuck and Kill somone!! well at least i do.... so i would rather smoke a fat ass blunt to the face and "relax."

    ps. do u think anything would happen if i got somthing from there?
  13. just don't get it sent to your address.....Peace out......Sid

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