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sexing help pls

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by sam2020, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. would like some additional advice on the sex of the below pics, made some mistakes last time and just need some reassurance

    would be appreciated!!!


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  2. its kinda hard to tell from the pic....
  3. second plant

    coments pls

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  4. thanxs 420

    wots wrong with is it the quality angle could do with some feedback to sleep soundly at night :)

  5. got better pics 2nite so pleasee anyone give coment

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  6. congrats dude you got yourself a female
  7. super congrats...lol.. u should off just posted that first...lol..latezz...
  8. the first pics didn't come out so well

    I'm using a 400w hps to flower and they've been under for 3 weeks, they're Northern Lights by the way

    ? wot is the recomended flowering time for Northern Lights as I've been told 10 weeks, I could of swore my first ones only took 6 weeks,

    any coments from the experienced grwoers would be helpful

  9. Northern lights are 8-9 weeks some will be early , other will take longer.

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