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    hello. this is my second set of plants and i have a few questions.
    1. i was wondering if someone can give me a hand in sexing one of my plants. its a month old and im pritty sure its a male.
    2. i have 300W's of hps lights, 4 4 foot and 3 3 foot florescent lights, is this enough light for 6 plants in a 3X4 foot space.
    3. will 600w of hps be significant for 10 plants in a 3x8or9 foot room

    this is the best shot i could get of the plant in question close up

    and this is the a zoomed out pic of it. the circled one is the male plant in question. what do you think for 1 month old plants second set iv ever grown?


    thanks for your help.
  2. for my money, its too early to sex. at least in that pic im not seeing anything either way

    that should be enough light, maybe shorten the box a bit. you can put the plants a little closer together, shorten the box, and the plants will probably get more light. maybe 3'x5' or so. plenty of room for 6 plants, and with that footprint, both 2 and 3 will be enough light.
  3. alright then ill keep waiting. also the size of the current room was a typo. i meant 3x4 feet
  4. 3x4 makes it that much better then ;)
  5. Thats the coolest thing, growin plants upside down!
  6. um, actually their not upside down. I was just holding one of the branches...
  7. Obviously my attempt at a joke misfired,

  8. don't worry dude i knew what you were talkin about

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