Sexing before flowering.

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  1. Does an opposite branching pattern mean the plant is a male?
  2. no, it just means the plant is maturing.
  3. balls, dont throw out the boys till you you see em.:D
  4. Well that's good to know. I still have a shot, I have two seedlings that are looking real nice, my buddy told me that the oppisite branching meant they were male, almost chopped them.

    Is there a way to tell sex before changing the lights to flower?
  5. No, not really.
  6. Rather than looking for balls, look for pistil hairs. It is easy to mistake balls but there is no mistaking pistils once you know what you are looking for.

    On most strains you can sex them very early in veg by spotting pistils. Use a hand lens or the macro setting on a camera. Once you see the uneven branches that is a good time to start looking for pistils.

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