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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kaos6669a, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Been under 12/12 for 1 week, i see no nuts at all which makes me happy, however i see no Whipy Pistils either :(

    Can anyone sex it???
  2. i cant. but i have poor eyesight. one thing you could do, but dont is to change the light cycle to 10/14 or so, so the plant is fooled into budding. dont do this. i am only making up a theory. although if i am right and someone agrees with me, then by all means. :)
  3. Does that work???
  4. Just leave the light cycle at 12/12 and be patient.If I was actually there, there’s a good chance at 6 weeks
    of veg I’d be able to tell. The females almost always show first in veg, and the males almost always show first when going to 12/12. The way it works for me a lot is, 80% - 100% of the plants that don’t show up as females in veg, turn out to be males
    in flower. The males usually show themselves the very first day after I back the lights. Of course it can take up to2 WEEKS to tell, but for me it’s usually one dark

    If you used magnification and picked the right node, you could probably tell right now.

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