Sexing after one week?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by London Guy, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Hi all - thanks for all the help i've got from you guys already. Really appreciated, but I'm back again.

    Is is possible to sex seedlings after one week? Reason I ask is that I've had to pot up my five seedlins coz they were getting root-clogged in their starter pots, only now I can't get them under the 400HPS properly and I'd like to get rid of the males. Can I just put them under a 12/12 for a fortnight now and then go back to vegging with my ladies, or do I have to wait until the plants are bigger/older?

    The plants are Northern Lights, about three inches tall but very bushy with at least two sets of leaves.
  2. you prolly can, but why? you may want them to be bit bigger before you sex them. if you start the flower process at a couple inches/weeks, you will have an extremely diminsihed harvest. if you do it just the check sex, then you will have to spend another 2 weeks to month going back to veg, wasting time.
  3. HOw dO u teLL if It is FEMALE or male???

    and when would you be able to tell which sex it is??
  4. you can check before flowering, but usually during flowering it will show signs of sex. If you want to see what the difference looks like, do a search for male female plant or somthin like that, plenty of diagrams around.
  5. thnx NaughtyDread. u'r right of course. I just found the FAQ on this site - shoulda done that earlier - and I'll just have to make do with the light I've got and take a load of clones to put under the flouros before I flower the doner plants.

    Basically, I shouldn't have potted them up into such big pots. I'll know for next time.

    Happy tokin

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