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  1. Guys I need your help.

    I have an addiction, and I am trying to quit.

    The addiction is SEX. I can't get enough. I can litteraly masterbase 5 times per day and spend many hours in pornography.

    This is very serious, I feel I could expend my creative energies twords other areas more fulfilling.

    Somebody please enlighten me to a better way of living.

    Thanks...and I appologize if this topic is not appealing.
  2. well it seems to me that frankly you just need to get laid. Masturbation is no substitute for a woman. Also I find that if I toke enough, I can make my sex drive either deplete entirely or rise to ridiculous levels. I used marijuana as an anti-aphrodesiac when i wasnt getting any, and now that I am I use it exactly the opposite way. Thats one of the great things about pot, it can be bent, contorted, and shaped into what you want to get out of it.
  3. Self improvement is masturbation. - from fight club
  4. i think you're taking that the wrong way. I'm still really shroomed up so this may or may not be garbled nonsense--but--I think what he meant was that by trying to improve yourself, its like masturbation of the ego. Hahaha sorry im still pretty fucked out. :D
  5. Get out of the house! It sounds like you have more than too much of ONE thing in your hands (haha) and that is TIME. If you have all this time to masturbate, and look at porn, then you should go out and do new things! You're missing out on life, it's not all about naked girls/guys, and there are so many things to do out there!

    You can't masturbate in public without getting arrested, and at the same time you can explore new hobbies. Go to the gym, exercise. You can burn all that sexual energy with exercise, and improve your health. It might not be as fulfilling, but if you want to break your habit it won't be easy.

    You need some alternative that will take up your time, and keep you busy, preferably something away from the house, where you are most apt to cave and grab the latest edition of Cheri & get down to business.

    And if all else fails, put IcyHot on your hand, I haven't tried, but I hear it BURNS and in a BAD WAY down there.

    Good luck! Sex can be something you just can't ever get enough of, and it's hard to let go but once you have, I am sure you will be releived to have your life back.

  6. I'm not so sure about that phish..well there was this one time and i was bored in the park and well...ehhh

    LoL jus kiddin
  7. noooo more than we needed to know!!!!
  8. Don't sweat it. As someone else noted you just need to grow up and get a little maturity in you. Right now, masturbation is fun and the end result is great. But making love all night long makes masturbation seem like Power Rangers...Kids Stuff.. Get a hold of the Tantric Bible. Start at the beginning and read it. Visualize doing the particular movements and positions with a member of the opposite sex. Do the self gratification techniques with orgasm becomming less and less important. Instead of masturbating 10 times a day masturbate 3 times for an hour and a half each. At the point of no return remember how to return. Your cock is like a muscle. If you use it a lot at quick intervals it will be primed for that! And when it gets the feel of a wet open vagina it will shoot before the 2nd pump!! And you will be without a girl again, beating off again. Learn tantric sex! The 1st girl/woman you make love to will love to be available anytime you feel like it! And when you have a few that you satisfy as much as you know you can, every so often they won't mind sucking a golf ball through a garden hose for you just cause you need it and the light is red!
    And pretty soon you'll be wondering how you even got hard for a mans hand in the 1st place.
    My Babies mom and I have been together 12 years! We have sex for up to 8 hours(and as little as 60mins) at a time up to 5 times a week. We have 5 friends that we ocassionally have over(1 at a time), smoke some ganja, F & S all night long! 4 of the 5 we have met in the past 2 years. They were all between 18 & 22 when we met them. Some never had real orgasms! ALL had boyfriends! Not one of their boyfriends have ever reached sixty minute man including oral sex time!!
    So masturbate as much as you want now....but remember when you get a girl its time to slow down or stop. If masturbation (alone we are speaking of here, not as part of an open qand honest sex life. Masturbation should be viewed by each party at least once a year, once a month preferable) If the male has problems maintaining an erection after orgasm then after sex, when the woman is satisfied and comfortable, a pillow and a joint will get her right. Often I have found that the sight is so stimulating that final play can occur after a "quickie" if clitoral stimulation is also applied)
    But to return to my point, most people who masturbate alone in a relationship are having sub standard sex and NOT they they have this addiction or over stimulated libido

  9. yeeeeeeeeeeeah i beg to tho, it maybe a lil (wink) less conspicuois for us ladies. hehe.
  10. Men go here:

    Women go here:

    There's nothing wrong with masturbation. The real thing ROCKS but masturbation is completely normal! Do it all the time just get laid every now and then to balance out your sexual karma.

    ~~~~~~Ganja, just go do it! You won't get arrested!!! None of us have. Be adventurous!!!!!!~~~~~~~
  11. mixed feelings here. I dont think he has a problem because he thinks he has a problem. If he though he was fine id worry.

    Go with Ganjaphishs advice, but dont shun SuccusSeedCo's

  12. you need a hooker :)
  13. !

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  14. No way dude, I am wayyyyy too much of a wussy.


    or, by the way you said it, sounds like you already HAVE..
    heh heh heh...

    DO tell! :D


  15. I am all ears as well!
  16. Take sum acid. That always seems to make mr. dicky pretty dead.

    Stop fucking yourself and concentrate on getting fucked . female preferably lol

  17. Heh. now that should work.... for that session and any others you plan to have for a few hours.

    But depending on how old you are I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you feel like you can't get away from it long enough to do anything else that you like in life then there's something to seek help about.

    I can't imagine seeking professional help for masturbation anxiety, but if you have the guts to do it I'm sure it would help.

    There's nothing wrong with whackin'. As long as you aren't causing harm to your penis then don't dwell on the amount of time you spend masturbating. It's not like 5 times takes all day or anything y'know!

    If you feel you are dangerously addicted to sex then you should seek help. I'll leave that line of thought at that.....

    I am not going to get into my own experience with this any more than to say that 5 times a day ain't overdoin' it. LOL

  18. You crack me up, budburner!!!!!!!!!! "Excuse me, I have masturbation anxiety...what should I do?"

    Hahaha.....So, budburner, what you're saying from experience without actually having to "get into (your) own experience" is that 5 times a day is quite normal and, from your LOL(which was probably a nervous man giggle), is extremely enjoyable as well??????

    I'm just teasing you!

    (...we all know I'm being all serious and shit to get more info from budburner...)

    ***I had to come back and say that this little "budburner burn" was # 1000 for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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