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  1. my plants are 3 weeks old and are about 10" high .its the first time ive grown skunk and im lost as to what to do next.i bought the seeds pre packed from the shop on the packet it states 99% female but im abit paranoid about the 1%.can anyone explain the right way to sex the plants I know its something to do with covering a lower branch during a 12 hour light cycle.But i don't know what to cover it with or how long for . do i cover the branch down to the stem . does it stay covered constantly or do i uncover it when the light goes out . im just scared i might damage the little blighters there like part of the family now .thanks buds.

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  2. firstly...good job, considering that you've never grown before.......secondly, how much growspace do you the height?......remember that the plant will double in height when flowered, hence why i'm asking now, just incase your running out of room.........i trigger mine at 12", but that's personal prefrence.....if you've got the height and the time then you can do it flower your plant put the lighting onto 12/12.....12 on and 12 off........however if you merely want to test the sex, just leave the light's as is.....and cover a branch......i.e. only the newest growth like for 4", cover it for 12 hours and let it get 12 hours of light, and only that one branch will try to flower and let you know it's will take approx 7-14 days to tell.......but before you do that, why do you want to know that when you have ferminised seeds?......99% is a pretty good ratio....just flower when you feel ready to......but i don't recommend doing it under 12" (unless it's sog when people like to go at 8")......some more pics would be nice, what strain is it?'s a nice indica anyway......Peace out......Sid

  3. ..looks like Skunk #1 to me.
  4. leave the poor guy alone hes stoned for gods sake,lol:))haha,me too mon.....peace
  5. thanks for the info Sid ill let you know how i get on

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