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Can anyone tell me if these are females or males

  1. Female

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  2. Or I don’t know

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  1. Can anyone tell me the sex of these or anything bout them when they will flower my first time growing and for got when I first planted them

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  2. We need macro pics of branch intersections where the preflowers are.
  3. Female:

    (pardon my thumbnail... That's what happens when you hit it with a hammer)


    When males start to show you will have at least 2 weeks before they drop pollen. A lot of people get freaked out and kill plants long before they actually know the sex thinking the males will ruin the garden. Patience is your best friend.
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  4. Can you tell in this picture Shasta lake California

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  5. Your plant has not formed it's pre flowers yet. Too young to tell yet.
  6. Also, don't remove fan leaves as you asked about in the email. Fan leavesshould only be removed halfway through bloom to give light to lower branches. Consider fan leaves like solar panels. The larger, and more solar panels on a plant, the more energy it can create for growth. People who remove fan leaves when they're green are far from experts.

    These pants in my 2019 garden have not had a single fan leaf removed before it was yellow and fell off without pulling. In other words, I wait until they're yellow because the plant draws nitrogen, silica, potassium, and other nutrients out of the leaves as they turn yellow. They're solar panels and a reserve fuel tank.
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