Sex with sisters boyfriends married mom?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Omega369, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. [quote name="Zionne" post="19451943" timestamp="1391342491"]Tough position to be in I guess. Can't say I've ever found any of my friend's mothers attractive or even had any thoughts like that but hey, I like older women so there's a connection. But at the end of the day, she's married, right? Sure maybe she rubbed against you like a cat in heat, but how long has she been married? Probably just bored. You don't want to get dragged into that shit storm, right?Still, sucks! [/quote]I've had sex with a friends mom before, but she was single. Haha cat in heat is the best way to describe it. I think they have been married for at least 15-25 years.Now that I've slept, I'm beginning to lean more towards the not sleeping with her side. 1 hour of intense box smashing isn't worth the lifetime of hurt and family relationship with my sister.Omega369 :wave:
    damn son, pound that shit and tell us how it went. i got a woody reading your post
  3. I see her again on February 8, I'll update then what happened.Omega369 :wave:
  4. OP goes to baby sit and the mom forgot her purse, BOW CHIKA WOW WOWW 
  5. OMG fuck her.
    If anything "Dereks" mom is thinking of a way RIGHT NOW on how she can get u and her alone for a couple of hours. When that time comes when she offers to take u somewhere or to be alone with her. Take it. Fuck her. Show her a good time. And then part ways till the next episode.
    Shes prolly just looking for a good fucking. Thats it. Give it to her. Calm that cougar down with ur BEAST lol
  6. As soon as I seen who the OP of this thread was I knew it was gonna deliver at some point.Smash and Pass bro :D;)
  7. Do it, it will make this thread a lot more interesting!!!
  8. bruh.. do it 
  9. Dont be a pussy 
  10. Might not be the best idea if it would mess up their family.  If they're into some freaky cuckold shit and he just wants to hear the story of watch then go get some wild cougar pussy.
  11. i dont normally read blocks of text, but when i do its an omega369 post. but seriously, id hit it for sure. 
    Fuck that bitch in the ass. 
  13. Do it nowSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. Good read OP
    You're on your own, I got no advice for you
  15. Sitting on the shitter...and I gotta say. This thread delivered. Now I've got toilet water on my dick. Thanks.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Are you going to bang her?
  17. As epic as the MILF sex would be, don't do it. You will be hated by your sister, her boyfriend, and the MILF's husband might beat you to death with a slow cooker.
  18. raid her drawers and post pictures of what you find
  19. Do it.
    Record it.
  20. Not a good idea by any means and will probably cause a major shit storm. That being said, it's totally worth it. Fuck that old lady til she dries up.

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