Sex with Mom

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  1. Three guys are drinking in a bar when a drunk comes in, staggers up to them, and points at the guy in the middle, shouting, “Your mom's the best sex in town!”
    Everyone expects a fight, but the guy ignores him, so the drunk wanders off and bellies up to the bar at the far end. Ten minutes later, the drunk comes back, points at the same guy, and says, “I just did your mom, and it was sw-e-et!”
    Again the guy refuses to take the bait, and the drunk goes back to the far end of the bar. Ten minutes later, he comes back and announces, “Your mom liked it!”
    Finally the guy interrupts, “Go home, Dad, you're drunk!”
  2. that one was good it made me chuckle to my self plus I am baked so that makes it all the better.
  3. lol. funny shit. Wesley pipes you got that name from the movie half baked.
  4. I concur, that's some funny shit.
  5. lol thats funny shit
  6. hahaha nice one:hello:
  7. idk about u guys but that woulda pissed me off so much if my dad was saying all that shit 2 me..ahah wesly pipes and billy bong thorton. I just watched half baked for the first time in like a year or 2.
  8. funny stuff
  9. That brought a smile to my face :)
  10. ive told this one to a few people now and they all laughed.....good one for sure:hello:
  11. great joke man! made me laugh..:D

    ps good luck on many journys to come!:wave:
  12. hehehe

    (ps, I have the munchies for some spaghetti)
  13. made me and my roomate lol, i will toke a 2 bowls tonight and smoke a big fat J just for this joke.
  14. I just ate spaghetti
  15. hahaha i could totally see that happening to me..... weird

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