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  1. Is completely fucking overated! I mean it, I completely underated sex before cause I'd only done it with 3 girls and all the times I'd used a condom. I was like 'this shits okay, but I'd rather have a good handjob or maybe even watch some porn and do the job myself.' I mean, it's awkward, its smelly and it eradicates most of the pleasure. I've got a girlfriend now and have not once used a condom. My conclusion?

    Not using the rubber demon makes the difference between a slice of toast and sunday roast! Without it, the ball busting orgasms are endless. Whereas with the johnny, its just... nowhere near as good.

    I know it stops pregnancy and spread of disease and yes if you're gonna hook up with some random girl then obviously using a rubber is a must. But if you've got a trustable girlfriend then why would you want to use one? Just get her on the pill, then the ball busting climaxes flow fast and furiously!
  2. to me sex is more then a physical feeling. its the emotional connection you get.

    i love sex no matter what. i just love that feeling of, hmmm closeness?
  3. yearp. i am not a big fan of the condom either. but since im not promiscuous (even though i sometimes wanna be. the inner slut in every girl wants to come out sooner or later) and more into monogamous relationships (BOOOO!!!!!!!!!) i never really used a condom. but i only never used it because i always trusted my boyfriends at the time to ALWAYS pull out, and not fuck around with other girls.

    ah yes -- moving forward. IT JUST FEELS SOOO GOOD!! no rubberery feel. like a surgical glove runnin around your cooch. it's just.. pure cock. pure fuckin cock. me purely fuckin cock. HAHAHAHA

    other than that -- i always use one. gotta be safe. can't trust nobody anymore really. like who nowadays tells the person that they're going to fuck that they have a std? that means no pussy/dick for them. so of course they will pass on the opportunity of telling. so if you don't know your fuck buddy too well, use a condom until it swells. :D
  4. Only will I not use a condom if I really trust the girl and she's on the pill.... I like to drive home hard for the finish and pulling out just kills it.

    But since I'm a man-whore(running joke with close friends) I always use a condom, only ever not used one with 4 ladies.
  6. man, ya'll are pretty damn trusting... this day and age, i couldn't imagine sleeping with someone without using a condom.. you don't know what people have and most people don't get tested for anything.
  7. I didn't think I was particularly taking any risk... And it's really not that bad in this day and age... it's called be safe and get tested... and have anyone else you sleep with unprotected get tested too
  8. people cheat... and most times the other person is none the wiser.. and never finds out...

    some people will outright lie and say they've been tested when they haven't been.

    You ALWAYS take a risk when you don't use a condom. Not only can you get an STD, but what if your girlfriend decides to stop taking her birth control and gets pregnant?

    Really, if you don't think its a risk (REGARDLESS of your partner), you should read some more about it.
  9. Nah, I know this girl fairly well, she wouldn't do that..... either way, I feel I can trust her enough...... and who said girlfriend..... nah, being fuck buddies is great

    To me it sounds like you're being slightly paranoid... I beleive if you know a person well enough, that all that becomes a signifigantly less risk

  10. Paranoid, eh? Just remember you said that when you get a girl pregnant or contract an STD.

    I am not irresponsible. I don't feel like getting a disease because someone I thought I could trust swore they were disease-free. You never know everyone 100%. Paranoia? No, its called being responsible and safe.
  11. I've never had sex with a condom.

    But you know whats really akward??

    Dental dams....

    I mean really.... How m I supposed to eat the pussy through a 5" x 8" sheet of latex that I have to hold in place with both hands???

    Condoms... at least you don't have to hold the fucker....
  12. Call it What you like, that's you're opinion, and that's all it is... Misinformed opinion... And in my opinion, I want a better sex life than that, and I feel I've taken enough measures to mitigate said risk.... Actually, according to my doc and sites I've read, I'm in the "low risk" category.

    So to directly answer your question, yes, I beleive your paranoid... And quite frankly it sounds like the scare tactics of certain religions have gotten to you, with the use of modern methods and regularly getting checked for STDs, you can lower your chances enough that your more likely to be involved in a serious car crash.

    It's all personal choice, and as I'll state again, that risk is lowered by some of my choices and raised by others, but overall they're still almost as low as yours... because remember, condoms can break... So before you call someone irresponsible thinking you know something, check into it first.

    As for dental dams... lmao, ya,I know how that is, I refuse to use those, you just can't do it the same.
  13. trust is trust. if you trust the girl, go for it. i mean, who actually has the right to tell you whether or not you can trust somebody or not if they don't know the person at all. so if you feel like you trust them, go for it. there's always gonna be risks to everything. but that's not other people's decisions.
  14. thanks for teaching me something new gimmie. . .
  15. OMG, being able to release one inside your chick, if she's on birth control, is way too much fun. It just takes a little time for clean up before the next session. I'm certain I have gone longer without a condom than with one on, as opposed to how most people would assume it to be. But on the real, I would prefer to use one than go without, unless of course its that spur of the moment sex that makes you say "I'll just pull out." That's how accidents happen though.
  16. Lol.. thats what I'm here for....
  17. But isn't birth control only 99% effective? I don't want to be a part of that 1%

  18. after reading this post,,,,,,im going to wear a rubber next time,,,just to piss her off......
  19. I've used a condom with my current girlfriend once.

    She's on the pill and busting inside her is a daily ritual.

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