Sex While High?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by CrazyCaptain, May 22, 2010.

  1. Alright, so I've been wondering this for quite some time now.
    Does it feel better or not as good when you have sex (or sexual acts for that matter) while you are high?
    I've heard people say "Oh god it feels so much better"
    However, I find myself not able to feel my dick as much. Like, its not as sensitive, i cant get as good an erection, and it takes much more to get me off.
    Is that normal?

    State your sex too when replying.
  2. I'm a girl and I've only had sex high a couple times

    I would say it's better. It also depends how high you are and with whom. Overall I say it's better.

    There is just a different feeling I get when I'm having sex high. Something I really like :)
  3. It depends on the person for me, if they suck ass sober, they will suck ass high. If you have a good lover already, and they like to blaze (or in my one case, trip :D ), it can be amazing.

    Nothing better than two stoners totally into each other.

    I'm getting all sticky now, damn you. :mad:
  4. I'm one of the most un-functional stoners, so I usually save my weed for afterwards. I can barely get myself to lift my arm while high. seriously...even taking a shower feels like a major chore.

    pretty sure that the only things I'm better at while high are sleeping, eating, smiling, and music.

  5. Better, if I can function :rolleyes:

  6. it's always been better fashow!~
  7. I've never done the dirty while high but I have jacked off while high. It was... yeah, overall better. I'm sure sex would be overall amazing high.

    Oh, male. o_O
  8. Apparently I'm the only one who voted no difference, and that's only true for my current circumstance.

    Of course we all like a coke binge to keep us fucking until the sun rises without the slightest subconscious thought of orgasming; but if you're with the right person the drugs seem to not have effect during the sex. (This excludes X, Molly, Acid, or Mushroom..if you pull that off)

    I can smoke a million bowls and not know I'm high while having sex because the passion is so incredible that there's no need to push into the minds levels of stability.

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