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Sex while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vonii, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. How is you guys' experience on this?

    Me, well it's amazing at first, until I realized I couldn't finish. (Never happens, unless I'm high)
  2. sometimes i cant finish while high but its definitely amazing
  3. High sex is the Best sex though the orgasm is a little weak.
  4. I can always finish and it fuckin rules!

    i love sex high!
  5. sex while high basically at the point JUST BEFORE too much of a good thing. Its like the most good you can have at once in your life
  6. Sex while high is amazing.

    It takes me forever to cum but that's alright because my girl is VERY well pleased by the time its all said and done.
  7. sex while high is incredible. as far as not finishing thats only ever happened to me when i was on opiates
  8. It's like everything is 10 times better than it normally is.
  9. if your a minute man then being high is a plus when having sex because it seems like you last forever:p
  10. Sex after toking it up seriously does effect your ability to hold in your load
  11. Heh, if you love it with weed, you'd explode using ecstasy or coke ;-)
  12. yeah what i noticed was everything is enhanced except the cumming part isnt as good
  13. It's probably more about 'sex in age' than 'sex while high'


    Sex from 20-30 - it's always great!
    Sex from 30-40 - it depends on whose wife you're hitting!
    Sex from 40-50 - tough call actually. Depends on how much money you have.
    Sex from 50-60 - hit up the divorced former MILFs and hope for the best!
    Sex from 60-70 - get the blue pills!
    Sex from 70-80 - why bother? Masturbation has definite benefits for both partners judging from some really weird porn sites I've landed on.


  14. Sex is amazing when high! The orgasm is off the chain. ITs also fun passing a blunt while having it. :)
  15. i always finish, even when im high, and its so much better dude.

    even my girl likes it. but she dont know im high :D
  16. It's definitely preferable to sober sex. I can last noticably longer but not as long as people in this thread are claiming. I get tired after the 2nd time but enjoy it more than sober. The orgasm is a little weaker but the extended duration of the sex makes up for it.

  17. Exactly the same here. It's like impossible on opiates

  18. QFT :smoking:
  19. Sex while high is badass! Sometimes I can't finish but most of the time I come through haha :smoke: Its always fun too when you get stoned with your girl and during sex your so stoned that you and your partner just start laughing for no reason haha :smoke:

  20. I don't know what is wrong with you... the orgasm is absolutely amazing when I'm high. Feels like it lasts twice as long.

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