Sex while high.. Indica or Sativa

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by klex420, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Which do you think would be better for enhancing sex? Why? Do you recommend any strains in particular?
  2. Indica - Northern Lights.
  3. Indica:
    Blueberry or Mendo Purps- God Damn mendo purps was a good strain.

    I never got to fuck on it but there was this Sativa strain called Champagne that was amazing, no real mind fuck but pure euphoria.
  4. hybrids.

    you get the best of both worlds and the amplified feeling during sex.
  5. indica- blueberry my sig!
  6. If i'm having sex stoned, then it doesn't matter what we just smoked!
  7. Indica for sure.
  8. This is an old thread, but I have to reinforce that the truth is the body high from Indica is what will send you to seventh heaven during sex.
  9. Indica. Nice and slow, bodies melting together.
  10. I was trying to find the same answer yesterday, and came across this thread (before it was revived), this shit happens to me too much (coincidenses like this).

    Anyways, I have to say Indica as well. Tried it last night and it was amazing. There was a point during our sesh where the girl was on her hands and knees giving me a blowjob, and just the angle that she was in made it look like she was a supermodel. Shes not ugly, i give her a 7.5/10, but this angle made her a 10/10. Im sure the weed had something to do with it :b
  11. I think its that time of the season. I know it is for me.. anyways, my problem was reliably getting indica, impossible until I made friends [semi intentionally] with a guy from a dispensary. Unfortunately, the likely candidate for a wild indica-fueled night of passion is, amazingly, a virgin. Which I have no idea how that works. She is so hot? Does not compute. Anyways, I am a huge fan of the body high for many reasons.
  12. Indica or Sativa... whatever you smoke, make sure you have a partner to fuck... otherwise you'll be all horny and shit, but with nobody to fuck. That sucks.
  13. Can do it either way, but prefer Sativa. Sour Kush to be exact.
  14. Sativa. More energy.
  15. indica- chop and screw it baby
  16. Indica or Indica-dominant, such as Grandaddy Purple or God's Gift.
  17. Sativa, don't want to fall asleep in the middle of the action.
  18. I gotta go with indica simply because of the body feeling when you bone and eventually bust. Sativas get me a little anxiety and sweat more.

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