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  1. I was taking a shower, just getting some thinking done and I had this thought. Before I ever had sex I would just say to myself - yeah I'm sure sex feels good but it can't be that great. I can do without it - But now that I've had sex, I'm more like - mm sex. Yaaa.
  2. and now that I've had sex and gone with out it, im like fuuucccck ....i neeeeed some
  3. Interesting, it was the opposite for me. I was hyped up on the idea of having sex and after I started getting some I was like "hmm...That's fun but I can get by without it as long as I'm inhaling the herb"
  4. Yeah I agree. And it keeps getting better and better...
  5. Honestly, I'm about the epitome of macho. But sex isn't that important to me. I think I prioritized sex more before I had it. After, I'm like yeah that was nice but it's not the end of the world if I have to go a prolonged time without it.
  6. Yeah, I totally built sex up to be more than it was and most of the women I've slept with I kinda regret.

    I find it so much better with someone you have feelings for.
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  8. I agree with this. If you find someone who means something to you, sex is the greatest thing on earth. But besides bragging rights with my friends I find getting strange to be overrated. Maybe that's just because it's so easy for me to get it when I want it.
  9. well if you have sex with random people then it definetly wont be as great as doing it with someone you share feelings with.
  10. It definitely keeps getting better and better for me, and I feel WAY more confident about what I'm doing where as in the beginning not so much.
  11. My first few times sucked. Now that I know how to hump, I wish I could turn back time and have my first sexual experience be amazing.
  12. Before I ever had sex, I was like,

    "Sex must be incredible! It must be like, everything good put together in one hole!"

    Then after having had a bit of sex, I went like,

    "Sex is not bad, but it's not as good as I thought it would be."

    And after having more sex, I went like,

    "Sex... do I really need it?"

    And after getting a steady girlfriend, I was like,

    "Sex again?"

    And after getting married, I am like,

    "Sex? What sex?"
  13. couldnt agree more. i regret every guy ive been with but one. and that one was fantastic. :hello:
  14. My wife and I have been together for about 8 years and I can honestly say sex is better now than when we first got together because we know each other better and see to it that there is always some kind of spice added to it.
  15. I am puzzled (and jeolous) of guys like you... I just can't figure out how that's possible...
  16. We just enjoy spicing things up all the time. In a couple of the threads in here I have posted some of our interests. We always do a few things during our "sessions" so it isn't just the same in and out. I feel lucky because I have been in a previous marriage where the sex wasn't as often as I wanted.
  17. That's so unfortunate.
  18. I need a girlfriend, preferably one with a car, and rich parents, and some DSLs

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