Sex the ultimate workout

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  1. Yesterday I met some chick off of myspace and we went to her house and fucked. We went at it for a few hours with mostly me on top drilling her and then we tried doggy for like 5 mins.Well I woke up this morning tried as fuck in mostly my arms and legs. Anyone else get like this? I was also sweating a lot through the fucking so much I had to stop and whipe the sweat off of my head.
  2. was this your first time?
  3. No but the first time in like 6 moths.
  4. its perfectly normal to feel pain the next day. from reading your post, you made it clear you were mostly on top, so that can also explain it
  5. Yeah it was intense took me a while to cum, who knows maybe I can do porn lol.
  6. hell yeah dude...happens to me all the time
  7. I get asthma attacks.

    I think it's funny.
  8. Lol nice man. ever puff you inhaler in the middle of business?
  9. See if you can work some squats and bicycle crunches into it. It'll be kinky.
  10. first off, bah.
    internet sluts.

    second, have YOU ever had this before?
    if not, u havent done any real love makin untill just now.

    Yes it is the best and ultimate work out.
    Nice aint it ?

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