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  1. just like the title says, this is to compile the most absurd, strange funny, interesting, normal,abnormal sex stories ever.

    i thought GC would like sumthing like this.:cool: considering all the sex discussions we already have.
  2. Ah yes, it's great they added a sex forum this should keep the whole site real organized. gonna toast a blunt and be back to post a story
  3. Good way to start?
  4. lmao,. the best way, i was actully looking for that post, best ending, can you comfort me?

  5. in high school i was real hot and heavy with this chick named char. Anyway char had a habit of fucking other guys behind my back. So her older sister decided to help me get even. So her sister and i are doing our thing and we are both TORE UP! middle of the session i forgot her name. for the life of me i couldn't remember her name. anyway i finished and right around now is when she is aware that i have forgot her name, probably because every time i went to say something to her it was "hey buddy"

    that was years ago, her and i are close friends now, but damn middle of sex and forgetting someones name. terrible stuff
  6. Okay I got a good one, I expect a lot of +rep for it haha just messin. Here weee gooo:

    I was just watchin TV late one weeknight in the summer of '06. My good friend at the time, Steph, calls me around 2:30am and tells me to come over. I was like "Wtf? Now?" She said "Yeah, we are drinking and having a good time cause my parents are upnorth." So I think what the hell and I drive over there.

    I ring the doorbell and I hear loud music inside, sounded like everyone was drunk as all hell. So after a couple minutes Steph answers the door...TOPLESS! But she was trying to cover her breasts with her hands but her drunk ass could barely achieve such a feat. She runs into the living room topless and I follow. Her boyfriend and his friend were drinking on a couch and another topless girl I knew was on the couch. Steph jumps on the couch with the girl and they are just full-on making out and touching each other. It was like a live porno, I was stunned but happy I came haha.

    So Steph and her boyfriend leave to go fuck downstairs and I am just sitting on a chair. The other topless girl, Nikky, comes towards me after her bra was put on. She says "Hey what's up Nick?" I just say "Same old same old." Then out of nowhere she says "Do you want to fuck me?" I am kind of blown away and my jaw drops. I say "Uh what?" And she said it again. So we go outside and she throws up, but then starts making out with me. She was hot and I wasn't phased by a little vomit lol. Steph had a trampoline in her backyard and we both go on it (Nikky and I). We are kissing (it is 4 am mind you) and then it starts to rain a bit. I ripped her clothes off and we just started going at it on a trampoline in the rain! It was great haha. So we finish and get our asses in the house, where she just passed out.

    Here is the twist: I talk to Steph the next day about that wild night and she tells me that Nikky was a virgin until I fucked her! I say "Whaaat?!" And the thin about it is that Nikky didn't even remember having sex with me!!! She moved to California last summer and to this day does not know that I took her virginity!!!

    Hope you enjoyed that long story haha.
  7. Somebody throw me a bone for taking virginity! C'mon!
  8. i invited this boy to come hither to my house so we can do the nasty. we're making out. everything is going fine. and then he whips it out. his 4 incher. my smile immediately dropped but i told him i can work with him. and then right before he puts it in, he fuckin cums. HE DIDN'T EVEN GO IN! WTF?! that just made me flip a shit and go off on his small dick ass. what a chump. i had to throw him out right after that. what kinda dude blows his load before even entering a pussy. lame.

  9. haha I feel bad for the guy. Must not have helped whatever ego he had before that.
  10. that's just too fuckin' funny.

    I've done coke off titties and pussy before.

    Nothing greater than doing a fat line and then licking a wet snatch.
  11. So one time about a year ago when my girlfriend(now ex) was giving me a bj it was a little slow, but everything was going good until the end. You know when it takes a long time to cum and a shitload comes out? Well it let loose and she like pulled away and I was laying on my back so this fat ass load shot like 4 feet in the air above me and fucking landed on my stomach, getting all over one of my favorite shirts. It was disgusting.

    I had to wash it like 5 times and to this day every time I wear it, it's all I can think about :laughing:
  12. I ate my (now-ex) girlfriend out in a hospital. that was the first time.....
  13. Girl, that was a blessing in disguise! At least you didn't have to endure pretending it was all that, when it wasn't.
    He was short, so you you cut it short.

  14. O.O dude...i've so been there before. Only difference is I shoot all on this girls chest and she had a mighty rack. But then girl gets funny and wipes it off wit my gym which wasn't cheap. Well long story short, I failed PE due to not buying a new shirt. Everytime I hear a story about someone getting their own manchowder on their shirt, it reminds me of my experience.
  15. How come when ever I bang my girl doggy style. She quefs when I pull out. I find it hilarious but she is always super embarassed by it.
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    I can understand the premature ejaculation part, but would you say it would also be alright to reject sex from a girl with small tits or a weird looking vagina?
  17. did anyone not see that this thread is 2 years old? who gave it cpr?:confused:

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