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Discussion in 'General' started by BluntBlowin12, May 29, 2013.

  1. It's on my To Do list but I haven't actually done it
    What's different? Anybody want to post stories about sex high or anything else they especially like/want to do high
  2. Just like anything else high, it's better than being sober lol. If I'm really stoned I'll last for 45 minutes, and she likes dat.
  3. it's more enjoyable.....makes me last for hours though, which most girls i have been with cant handle me for more than 30 mins
  4. Being stoned makes everything better.
    Honestly, I prefer to be stoned before wrecking my partner. Everything's just so much more euphoric and ughhh.
    Stoned sex is great.
  5. Feels goood maaaaannnnnnn.
  6. I love sex while high! Makes me want to keep going more than usual :)
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    Yeah I get into beast-rape mode when I'm high. The ladies love it cause when I get so into it, they get so into it. And then we tear each other up!
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    Its awesome lol cuddled up with a blunt then it turns to a big fuck fest then finish the blunt all cuddled up afterwards.

    Its a win win.

    Plus I'm more handsy when stoned.
  9. its awesome!! Feels like my dick is a foot long. Last longer and when im bout to bust its like 10 nuts in 1 orgasm. Try it bro, ull love it.
  10. it definitely makes you last longer, but that's nothing you can't do with a little mind power
  11. Bigger orgasms
  12. Haven't tried it before. 
  13. Oh crazy, this just got a good four or five places higher up my list of priorities :D
  14. Never fucked stoned. I did get head once while ripped. Was meh. I prefer sexual activities while drunk. 
  15. I love having sex stoned. It's like being in a movie sex scene to me. Plus it feels amazing.
  16. Stoned sex is legit! Everything seems more intense especially if you are both blazed as fuck ha
  17. Honestly I'm not going to say it feels better stoned... I think it's more passionate and you really want to show you love your significant other more. It's much slower paced and relaxing than normal sex... Plus it's harder to keep "focus" at times if you know what I mean. You might think of something that turns you on then go into so much detail you might lose your erection. This only happens after you've had sex already very recently once or twice
  18. Pure fucking pleasure.

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