Sex "sessions" that are funny

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  1. Well im sure we have all had sex with someone and looked back at it and thought it was hilarious.

    My story:

    The other day my gf was over and everyone was home in my house, awake. So we are down in my basement watching starsky and hutch (idk why.) She had those short shorts on that you roll up and have the white line across the top. And jokingly I said "U know we could just pull those to the side and have sex right now." She got this glow on her face and was like YEAH! lets do it!

    So yeah I had sex with my gf while my whole family was awake.

    We both are still laughing about it everytime we bring it up.
  2. Me and my GF do that all the time. Is your basement your basement or is it for everyone? :p
  3. I had a threesome with a two dogs in space before.
  4. Its for everyone, the only time any one ever goes down there is when I have a girl(s) over or my brother does haha. So my mom and dad basically know somethings going down. I feel bad for him though cuz hes only 13 and im 19 and do as I please.

    My dad doesn't give a shit what I do as long as I don't get in trouble, my mom is a bible freak by heart but my dad corrupted her lol.
  5. thats whats up. we did it on a log in lake washington once, it was ridiculous, it was a good time, but my lady just brings it up and pokes fun always.

  6. That was the most unexpected thing i have read in a while.
    Made me laugh so fucking hard +rep
  7. ....there isn't a part of my basement i haven't had sex... shower, toilet (lid down), floor, sectional (on the couch side, in both recliners, in the corner), on the pull out, in the tanning bed, on the stairs, on the bench for our weight set.... the treadmill is the only place, can't imagine that being worth it

    funny one... an ex and i used to crash down there sometimes and one morning i was suddenly awoken by her grabbing my package... i was still trying to focus my eyes as she mounted me and started grinding... so we got pretty intense, and in the middle of it, the support fabric that the mattress sits on and is held by springs to the tube frame ripped and we both slid in to the hole at the end of the bed... it was shocking, then funny, then moot as we adjusted and continued.... yaaaayyyy wake-n-fuck!
  8. It'd be funny if you posted it one more time cause then trikky could have put.

    overkill post.

    I don't know why thats so funny to me.
  9. Years ago I was at a New Year's Day afternoon family meal with my bf and his family. They are Russian and everyone was getting very drunk on beer and vodka. At one point i was laughing at something so hard I dropped my napkin and silverware under the table. As I went down there to get it, I got kinda tangled in the long table cloth they had there, and being drunk, I just sat there for a bit. My bf peaked under to see what the problem was, and I started laughing, and said I couldn't get up. So, he crawled under to get me undone. As he did so, i threw him down and we did it under the diningroom table during the family meal! I could hardly keep from laughing. No one even looked at us funny, which made us laugh even harder. It was a funny New Year's Day.
  10. I was doing my ex once over at my house and my dog nudged the door open and just walked in and started whinning for attention and i'm kinda busy so i throw a pillow at him and he just waltzes right up and sticks his nose inbetween us. We were far too far along to let that stop us and while we kept going he kept trying to squeez between us. it was pretty funny. We used to joke that we had a three some with my dog
  11. :laughing: thats great :p

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