Sex Pot: Marijuana and Sex Are Lots of Fun Together

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by oltex, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Sex Pot: Marijuana and Sex Are Lots of Fun Together
    TokeoftheTown / Steve Elliott / 09,08,2011

    If you've smoked very much marijuana and had very much sex, you know they're both lots of fun, and you know they go together spectacularly well. There's nothing quite like combining the relaxed sensual enhancement of cannabis and some quality time with a smokin' partner.""

  2. Yes, the two go together quite well. And afterward....munchies!
  3. + cigarette
  4. Shit, smoking makes my girlfriend twice as horny as I.

    . . . It is completely awesome.
  5. Yeah Munching on the Pussy:hello:

  6. ...... not the most effective remedy for the munchies being discussed earlier, but to each his own :wave:
  7. dude my dick in a puccy feels so much better when im high too!.
  8. I love getting high with my boyfriend in bed. :)
  9. :hello::wave:
  10. This was one of the main reason religious figures and conservatives of days-long-past swore against marijuana use.

    Sex is, afterall, a dirty, evil and filthy tool of Satan himself that you are supposed to save for the one person in the world you truly love, right?

    Credit for the quote goes to RR at the Shroomery.
  11. It feels great, agreed, but am I the only one that thinks it kind of kills your high? Dont get me wrong, I love fucking when im high, but afterwards I feel sober.
  12. I don't care if it reduces the high. I mean, so does enjoying the gradually wears off.

    If it's a problem, just toke more! Everything's a trade off but high sex is certainly worth it.
  13. On another note entirely has anyone seen the movie Sex Pot? Sex Pot (Video 2009) - IMDb worst fucking movie ever I swear. Didn't even enjoy it while stoned.
  14. so fucking bad dude, i know, so fucking bad

    but yeah, vasodilation increases circulation, and cannabis causes vasodilation
  15. [quote name='"Derrick14"']
    + cigarette[/quote]

    +lung cancer

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