Sex or Head?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Raoul II, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Sex for sure Head is nothing compared to sex. I dont think I would be able to get head and not fuck the chick thats just unthinkable. Getting head always leads to sex atleast in my cases head is just a warmup to get you and her started.
  2. I always wear a condom, so I tend to prefer getting some head. Plus, my GF complains about pain after we fuck for a while. I usually get more head after I've worn her out.
  3. i love having sex but i'd rather get sum head. But i'd rather get sum head. but i'd rather get sum head
  4. I love sex, but I love Giving Head more,

    is that wierd?

  5. nope............not at all:D
  6. Head blows me away! I can last for a long time and control myself during sex, but if the girl knows what she's doing orally, I can't hold back the en evadable for long....

  7. You sound perfect for me...!:D
  8. Is that the new slang for orgasm?
  9. you a virgin? :confused::confused::confused:
  10. sex definetly. But there are times that some head just hits the spot haha, like u can just kick back and enjoy.
  11. hmm, thats odd. haha its not like its a mandatory part of foreplay. sometimes i just want to get down to business rather than get eased for 30 minutes. :D
  12. [​IMG]

    All I want to know is how this can be possible?
  13. ^ i wanna meet her
  14. I like sex. Reason being is u can "finsih" and not have to be like hey let go time to come. I cant bring myself to go in my girls mouth, cuz i know thats just gross for her.
  15. first i go down on him /then he on me /then he in me.

    with less than that -I'm not happy..(or at least really happy)

  16. true^^^^^^^


    ID RATHER HAVE HEAD,,,, sex allways wears me the fuck out,,,, i feel like i been running for 4 miles,,,,,,

    screw that just give me some head,,,,,,,,and dont get in the way of the game,,,,,,while your doing it,,,,:cool:
  17. I like head, but i'm not a quick shooter if you catch my drift. But wit sex, I can really go to town on a chick. Plus, there's something about when a girl cums that just sends me over the fuckin line.

    Head is good, but sex is better
  18. three 6 mafie put it best "i love havin sex but id rather get some head" haha
    nothing better then rexlaings puffing on a L while getting some dome
  19. Well, I love oral but I'd have to pick sex (foreplay is included, right? If so that'll include oral :) )
  20. Sex definetely! Ima girl and giving head is not something I like to start with
    I'll have sex and then after wer done we can get playful and give some head :rolleyes:

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