Sex on Valentines day yet ?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by wizzardboi, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Any of you guys/gals got started early yet and already had sex today for valentines day ? How was it ? Rose-pedals on the bed type shit ? or just a str8 bare rough fuck!? share how your V-day fuck went here!
  2. Gotta wait til Monday on mine! Can already tell ya it will be a raw dog nasty session!!!
  3. About to pound that vag. like im a king
  4. How odd would that be if when fucking your girl, a referee dressed how they do as reff's for football popped in the room and calling out stuff kinda like how a penalty would sound and he was like

    " Pound that vag harder "
    " Deeper "
    HiT that Left angel more!"
    " *whistle blow sound* Penalty, Wrong Hole, 8 more strokes "
  5. tomorrow.
    it probably wont be sex.
    unless she really wants to prove she's sorry for breaking up with me :p
    but it's gonna be a sushi-picnic with roses and champagne and candles and shit.
  6. nah, I won't be getting any tonight.

    But in a few days, I'ma beat guts.
  7. Already had it my girl has to apologize to me someway and whats better than a blunt you don't have to roll and hot sex?
  8. im just gonna jerk it, haha
  9. my girl went on vaca on valentines day...but friday was our session
  10. Nope didnt get any :[ idk why we juss didnt...sucked ass.
    I tried to come fuck with him n he made some rude joke n I was like well fuck you and went to bed..
  11. I did LATE last night.. not actually on V-day... Damn peroid
  12. I did on friday, bought handcuffs and champagne, smoked hookahs, it was the shit!
  13. i had mad crazy sloppy jungle monkey wet poopy sex. it was messy, and awsome at the same time, yet just so decadent in its own way.
  14. i havent even had sex since b4 v-day! my girl was on her time of month and just got but ohwell should be getting sum cut soon
  15. futon couch thing or however you spell it. then the bed. then the kitchen floor after a brief snack break.

  16. NEW SIG

    thank you :smoke:
  17. If she doesnt put out after that then shes a bitch.

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