Sex of Plant - Male or Female or Herm, help?

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  1. Not sure if my post is in the correct category, couldn't figure out how to cross post.
    i need some help.

    first week of flower in transition nutes, trying to identify what sex it is.
    also what to do with it if is male or herm, remove it , cut it down...etc?

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  2. Are you seeing white hairs coming from pods or do they look like they're going to make nuts?
  3. if it's a male remove it, but its a female!
  4. 3930 is male, 4004 female, 4047 male, 3943 looking male, 4027 female

    If these are all pictures of the same plant, it's definitely hermied.
  5. thanks for your response, yes they are all from the same plant, can i leave it near the rest if its hermied? How did you determine that?
  6. unfortunately i cant seem to tell, i will keep looking
  7. thanks for your response, how did you determine that?
  8. You can keep a hermie if your brave but you need to pinch off all of the balls before they open or you plant gets seeded, on the bright side if it seeds itself all of the seeds will be female.
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  9. I have kept hermies once before, and I would never bother again. And all your seeds will not be female. You'd be lucky if 75% are female, the rest will also be hermies.

    When you look closely where the branches meet the stems, which is called the "node," some of the nodes (plant armpits) have hairs (sign of female) and some armpits have little green footballs (pollen sack, sign of male). In your case, when you have both, its a hermaphrodite.

    Personally, I'd kill it. There are better ways of making new plants than with hermy seeds, including buying seeds. And even if you're super cheap or superbroke, they sell single seeds now and the germination rate is about 80%. Pretty good odds that your $15 seed will grow.
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  10. All of those hermies are females, the problem is when you make feminised seeds from a plant that just hermied out on you you increase the chances for hermies by genetic selection of a hermied mom. Most people who make fem seeds intentionally hermie it with silver so they're not selecting hermie genes. If you get males from a hermie plant the pollen came from another plant for that seed, self pollination only results in female seeds, usually with higher than normal ratios of hermies in the offspring. When a plant pollinates itself it only has one set of genes and it's not possible for the offspring to be male.
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  11. Hey PNWCG! That's a good point on hermies you make. However, I apologize for the the confusion, but I (personally) don't consider hermies to be female, in the plant kingdom or the mammalian. Nor do I consider plants treated with silver nitrate to self-pollinate to be hermaphrodite.

    For me a hermie is a naturally occurring, undesirable mutation that gets slated for the guillotine. I know technically a plant treated to produce female only seeds is a hermie, but because it was created by science to give a desired output, and not just a random genetic mix up, I don't consider it one.

    I'm a little genocidal about hermies in my garden, lol!
  12. I hate hermies too, had one hermie just a little on me on my first grow, thought i got all the balls, didn't. I had to harvest early though but found probably 6 or 8 little immature seeds in it. Not too bad out of 13 ounces.
  13. I cut it down to the base (sad). now my problem is that this is a hydro dwc tote grow with other plants and the root mass is huge and intertwined with the other plants, if i just leave the stump and roots, will the roots rot, or any ideas of what I should do? thanks!
  14. Be funny if it sprouts back up lol, attack of the hermies.
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