Sex in the grow room

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  1. Thats right, i literally just sat back down from having sex in the grow room.

    I have heard that reading, speaking, and playing music to any sort of plant can have positive effects.

    Do you think sex in my grow room(which is justa small closet btw lmao!) will have a positive effect? I sure hope so :wave::smoke:
  2. This is something I need to do before I die.

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  3. "hey baby gimme one second, i gotta let GC know that we just banged in the grow op"
  4. actually thats exactly how it went haha

    shes right next to me.

    damn im stoned...
  5. Thats pretty kick ass man. I had sex right next to my grow box the other night! I guess that kinda counts for sending off good vibes to the plant. Then the other night me and my roommate got so baked and he put his iPOD headphones next to the plant and put on a Bob Marley playlist for it all night.
  6. as long as you didn't knock off any of the trichomes i'm sure the plants were happy for the show ;) :smoking:
  7. duuuuude. +rep
  8. So things start to get hot and instead of a bed you squeeze into a tiny cupboard? Or is this girl your GF and you were trying new things?
  9. I hear jizz makes a great foliar spray
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    hell yeaaa we had sex in the grow room last night!

    and now there's a thread about it! so ALL of GC knows!


    and mat, it was my random idea. we were in there checking out the plants, and i decided it would be fun. it's a closet grow, so it was a little cramped, but pretty easy to find a good position with us both standing up. :D
  11. I guess the wedding is off then lol

  12. haha yeaaa i guess sooo... :p:rolleyes::D

  13. lol that was pretty funny... :laughing:
    (I gues most non-reg members are lost about the above)
  14. Well certain pagan tribes would gather in groups and have sex with each other to bring in another season of bountiful crops but I couldn't tell you if it actually worked, or if they just wanted to fuck like wild rabbits in a field and needed an excuse.

    But hey, I'm all for fringe experiments
  15. 9 minutes till the plants are allowed to see light, i will see if they look happier than they did last night. haha.
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    I too have had the chance to have sex with my girlfriend(ex-g/f now) in my grow room and definitely is a story to remember. ;) It was years ago had many good times such as that over the past 8 years really can't complain at all.
  17. Haha nice!
    +rep for the both of you.
  18. thanks, civic!

    damn, if i had a plus rep for everytime i fucked...


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