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Sex high!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skater420man, May 4, 2011.

  1. ok so this weekend im planing on having a few friends come over who are down to fuck, you no its whatever but i thought about doing it high and it would be the first time if i was high so i was wondering has anyone had sex high if so please comment. :smoke: :hello: :eek:
  2. i thought itd be great, but you kinda forget about your high in the intensity of sex....also sometimes the high acts as a buffer, i tend to get more into it when im sober. Now, smoking after sex....:D or have sex while you're coming down from smoking, the end result is ecstatic and SO relaxing
  3. yes. it's even more awesome.
  4. Taking a bong rip while having sex? :confused_2:
  5. he said while high not while smoking

  6. this girl im fucking, i usually smoke while she gives me head.
    she actually thinks its hilarious
  7. Smoke after...burnt out fornication isn't fun
  8. :D It's great, you won't be sorry
  9. Yes awesome, keep beverage on hand as well. Cotton mouth can be a real bitch.

  10. i am so jealous of you.

    Sex while high is one of my favorite things to do. I just let myself go and do what I want, say what I want. It helps you really get to know yourself sexually. And orgasm is the BOMB. It feels like it lasts for an eternity. Feels like you have a golden boner
  11. i hate cotton mouth its the worst and i will update this if it happens if not one girl then theres another option both ways ill be stoned thanks for the tips..
  12. Awesome!!! I have a real funny story.

    I'm sure a lot of people have a sex rag right? Well one time my ex and I just got done doing it and before I was about to nut I got the rag and busted one right in the rag. This rag had been used for months so it was pretty crusty already with juice and nut and also like brown stained but not from shit dont ask me what it was hahaha?

    So we get done and go for a walk and smoke. We come back in and my girlfriends mom was putting laundry away in her room and she finds the rag! She was like "what is this kitchen rag doing in here??" And I was like "ohhhhhhhh uhhhhh I killed a spider with it, it was big". And she said "oh alright it feels nasty ill wash it wash it. So she takes the rag away barehanded closed fisted it and put it in the washer. Eww hahahaha
  13. that story just made me crack up hahahaha....
  14. a friend of mine once got head while he was taking a shit and smoking a blunt
  15. that rag nut story is hella funny you killed a bug lol

  16. thats called a blumpkin... with out the blunt smoking part
  17. Sex and Weed are meant to be.
  18. My first time having high sex I totally forgot about my high and got caught uo in the sex,I duno I think its overrated
  19. I'd rather have sex drunk, makes you last longer which feels better for both the girl and the guy. If I had sex high, I would probably last like 5 pumps, and then we'd both be laughing at how fast it was. Then I would be way too exhausted (being high) to give it another shot, leading to overall disappointment.
  20. sex high is best when both people are high.. it takes a couple times to get used to it but it just gets better and better. i think 55% of the time i smoke i have sex and its ridiculous.

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