sex for bud...

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  1. sex for bud...

    it was last night and i had no bud, no cash.
    i was at my mates place for a while, then he brings up the idea of going our friend jakobs house, cos its a nice place to chill and smoke and do whatever(his dad is really chill and dosnt care if we smoke and that)

    so me and my mate andy, arrived at jakobs, and the neghbour had some bud that she had stolen from her dad or somthing along that line...

    before we got there i had the feeling that the neghbour wanted to have sex with me, and the bud was just a reason to get me in that area, and then be stoned and go along with everything.. or whatever, but i just thought fuck it, ill smoke see what happens.

    a few hours later when the mix was almost done, i was smokin a huge bong that some kid packed up for me(and it actually was huge, cos the kid who packs it dosnt really smoke), anyway, when i was pulling the cone through, the neghbour girl touched my dick, but i was more focoused on the bong so i just brushed her hand away and didnt really think much of what had happened.

    end of the mix came we started to get bored so we cleaned up and went inside, chillied and watched dr.phil... Then slowly everyone left the room and it was just me and the neghbour, for like 10 mins it was awkward, cos i didnt really know what to say, on a count of the fact that i was baked out of my mind.

    after ther awkward 10 mins, she moved closer to me and then rubbed up against me and started to unzip my pants..
    anyway, a few hours later i emerged from the room, the deed had been done, and i feel really dirty. (not saying sex is bad or whatever, just the chick wasnt so "hot", if thats the right word to use)

    so it ended up being an okay night
    except for maybe the sex haha

    also dont think i said it anywhere but, i got like 2g for doing sexual acts.

    was it worth it?
    im not sure

    thanks for reading
    sorry for it being so long to read
    and another sorry if it dosnt make sense
  2. sex with ugly chick for two grams=pass
    sorry dawg
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  3. i def. wouldnt have let a ugly chick come near me lol...
    but it was cool that she let you smoke and chill and w/e
  4. Shit, man. I wish it were that easy. Seems like win-win to me.
  5. you're really cool.
  6. Free weed is free weed. Sex is sex. I would have done the same thing (depending on how ugly this chick really was...).
  7. Pussy is pussy and you got free bud. That's a win in my book, fuck these computer jockey's saying it isn't.
  8. i agree with like everything that has been posted, possotive and negative
    it was a win, but a loss at the same time.....
  9. wow ppl are having sex for weed now. what is this world coming to. sorry op dont mean to b offensive but that is just low. that just seems like something a crack head would do.

  10. it wasnt so bad, after all i was baked..
  11. See, to me i don't see this as being nearly as bad as someone who sucks a dick just to get their fix. This is a guy who got stoned with his friends, had sex with some chick and ended up with some free weed. He didn't ask for it, it was just given to him.

  12. hahaha, dw man i was thinking the same thing
    but the weed was the 'reason' to get me over
    i dont think its a low act :p

  13. YES!
    that is %100 right
    better at explaining than me :p
  14. if she was fat then ur got G'd but if she had a nice body and maybe an ugly face then its all good haha stay smoking my *****
  15. This thread is useless without pics
  16. how bad looking was she. scale of 1 to 10. ten being hottest.
  17. HAHAH u sound like one goofy bro
  18. karma doesnt look too kinda on people smoking stolen weedm but to each his own.

    personally im beyond the imaturity of doing things to get weed when i have no money.

  19. lmao oh my im baked :smoke:
  20. Pussy and Weed? Sounds like a + to me man :D

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