sex during a period?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Boogy Blunt, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Me personally I don't give a damn as long as I've been dating the chick for a while and know she's clean.

    Your thoughts?
  2. I'm not down with that,
    period week=bj week
  3. I'm ok with wading in the red river, just don't drink from it.;)
  4. its pretty gross when everything ends up all bloody when youre done.... but not gunna lie in the heat of the moment ive done it a couple times
  5. at the start and end but not during heavy flow days I dont like messes
  6. i've done it a few times and to be honest it didnt phase me at all. put a towel down:p
    she says it helps with cramps and whatnot
  7. from what i've heard some girls are hornier during so i see it as a win win for both sides
  8. Wow. Gross sauce.
  9. I hate it when the Ragu forms a river on my pelvis.
  10. A lot of girls are extra horny during their period. My girlfriend included.

    I'm not a fan of it myself......
  11. no way! i actually had a friend that did and she said it looked like a straight up murder scene when they were done. Im not down with red wings
  12. haha, that's what my chick calls it too. :cool:

    i've done it a few times with my ex girlfriend.
  13. Why not? It does wonders for cramps...what pain advil can't take away, sex definitely will.
  14. Well I've gotten my red wings from 2 girls so you can surmise I don't care
  15. Doesn't stop me, though it is more of a "BJ week" lol.
  16. On lighter days it doesn't bother me. Heavy days would be BJ days. =p But luckily BC has made every day during 'girly time' a light day.
  17. done it a few times but i'd rather not. if i don't feel clean down there, then nothing is going to penetrate me for that time being. besides.. blood on the dick scares me.
  18. Well...... now that I think about it I have fingered my girl when she was on her period a few times.......

    but thats about it.....
  19. I have without my knowledge, when i saw my dick covered in blood, i freaked.

    At least tell us your on the rag, rather than trick us

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