Sex Doll In The Mail

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Omega369, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Omega... You feeling a bit southern eh?
  2. Omega.

    The only op to keep on delivering.

    Rock on.:metal:
  3. Someday, in the far future, they'll have realistic sex robots for sex, and guys will be able to get laid without the bullshit and ball-busting like today.  
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    Sweet ass game cube!!!!

    To help with the cost of the doll I will totally give you 20 usd for that GC

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  5. Damn!, she's so fuckin hot!

  6. Omega I just saw this and thought of you...
  7. You should get a job at a sex store so you can save money on toys and lube.
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  8. hey, gotta be as realistic as possible man...
  10. Use tinder, so easy to get laid with that haha. 
  11. This is a travesty. Every stoner knows a water wing and cooking oil will do the trick. Squish it in between your mattress of course.

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  12. You bumped a 4 year old post about sex dolls?? Really???
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  13. Entertainment? Sex dolls business is growing? What?

    This is 2018. All you have to do is download for free, Tinder, POF or any other random app, talk to a chick, take her to a movie and your local chicken spot and you should be able to at the very least get head out of it. Movie and chicken only applies to the first meet as well. No meal included in all subsequent meets. What a value.
  14. Oh baby, did someone really order a Claire?
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  15. Yeah, but then you have to talk to her and stuff. With a doll, it's just fuck and then put her away.
    No socializing, no chick movie and your doll is ready anytime you are.

    Bonus: No head, so your doll can't complain that they have a headache.
  16. Well the threads been bumped so let's all dive in the hole...

    Take up drawing. Use your "life like model" to help out. Clothes, cosplay, strap on tentacle cocks, fuck man it's all open now!! Deck out a room for your "studio" where you could fuck the ever loving shit out of it under the pretence of "art". I

    can't believe I never thought of this. My younger self would have wore a hole in that thing if I could have got my hands on and penis in one of those things. Maybe it's better I never did....
  17. I think it’s sad that people are separated on so many different levels that there are things like this for purchase to counter someone’s loneliness.
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  18. Lol and even more he bumped it with a cheaper alternative. Fucking your mattress
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