Sex Change or Id whodunit!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MoW, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. I had pulled this plant from the flower area in fear I again had been most sucessful in growing a MALE.

    I let it live in another area rather then chop it up and wanted it to prove it's sex.

    It appears the coconuts that I was ID-ing as male pop open and then start to gain hair like growth from within.
    Either this is normal grwoth for a Male or I had been Idenifing the plants as MALE when in fact they were female.

    With these 3 shots I took you get to see the PODS and some change in the older PODS to the hairlike growth.
    What gives guys what do I have here?

    I will continue to let this plant grow so we can ID it a later date.

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  2. Picture 2

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  3. He's another shot..
    Oh yea..the one I am talking about is the one in the front center. Closest to the camera.

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  4. looks like a hermie to me
  5. Really hard to tell from the pics but....what i'm more worried about is how you have one that looks o.k. in the background and one in front that looks as if it needs a lot more for the one in the pic...mmm hard to's got the looks of a male and female....i.e. hermie...but a better and closer pic would be better....Peace out....Sid
  6. I Just located the plant in the veggy area to take the pictures and moved things around a bit to take the shot. I will take better shots tomorrow.

    So I guess I should pluck the grapes?
    It did seem to change from male to female. I thought they would go femal male.
    The other plants I had that were male I destroyed before they got to this stage of growth so they didn't have a chance to change execpt for one I am playing with dipping it in water after I took off all the soil, and it's doing rather well considering I dip it 2 -3 times a day it continues to grow. Kinda a poorman's hydro setup.

    Also I am toying with something called leaf provacation, to see if that goes anywhere with MJ.
    Well it is a change. to date all the Salvia's were deemed male.
  7. They look alot like mine.I have those pods at the nodes on a couple of strains.Mine are all female.No hermies.I would give them a little more time to be sure,before ya chop em.
  8. Oh well live an learn. I might have trashed some females last week because I was in a rush to sex them.
    Next time I will just seperate them for a while till they show their true colors.
  9. With 8 or more good grows under my belt, I would swear that a male couldn't get past me, wrong answere. As much attention as I pay to these beautiful plants, somehow a lone male will sneak thru and just pollinate only a very small percentage of my girls. Even though I don't like it, the seeds produced have put out some outragous plants, and I personally don't mind getting about a hundred seeds out of a pound of weed. although I'd rather have none, of course. What's very interesting though, is even though the seeds came off of mostly the same plant, is the differences between the plants themselves. You would think their offspring would all look alike and act alike, they absolutely do not, that's genetics for ya. Same mother same father, but, all showing their heritage and from where they might have come from. My hat goes off to the professional breeders, to obtain a strain like no other, what a concept. Crossbreeding is such an art form, to get them to grow the same, time after time. Thanks to our predecessors or we'd still be smoking Mexican dirt weed
  10. I took out the Hermie yesterday. Figuring I will need the room for a new grow I am starting and would very much like to get some buds after all.
    I got about 1 OZ of wet buds I didn't wiegh them just guessing, and I dryied them for two days upsidedown in the dark then today I took the buds and placed them in a brown supermarket paperbag. I also took the leafs that were around the Buds and did the same but in a differnet bag. The buds and leafs were very sticky and had a very exciting aroma about them.
    I figure I'm in bud yahooooooo..
    As soon as either is dry enough I'm gonna light up. Since I have some other sticky leafs I stole along the way I am getting short buzz's from them and can hold out a little more.....but not much LOL.

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