Sex at the garage

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    I'm bored, and I'm horny. So what to do?


    The mechanic said it would take all afternoon, but I had to agree because the brakes were really feeling a bit shaky.

    While they fixed my brakes, I had nothing to do for the next couple of hours, but luckily there was a computer with internet connection at the customer's lounge, so I sat there for about an hour, checking out GC and other sites...

    Until this chick walks in. Lighted up the whole building really... fucking pretty... good shape. Long legs and enough ass...

    She sat on the sofa nearby, and the smell was just killing me! Such sweet smell!!

    No, I'm not talking about perfumes and stuff... I'm talking about the smell of a woman. I don't know how to put it... the smell is... it's hard to describe... the smell just scream 'PUSSY'.

    She was reading some magazine, but I was sure she was checking me out. I'm not trying to sound like anything, but I do attract girls attention often... not because I'm good looking, but because I'm a foreigner here.

    I just look different. Not necessary better or worse, but different. And I think it's enough to get the girls to at least give me a second look. And being a player that I am, second look is all I need to initiate something, if I wanted to.

    And I wanted to.

    I wanted to fuck her right there, but of course I'm not a caveman, so I just kept the thought to myself and played with her.

    She got up to the coffee stand and I followed her.

    I wasn't planning to do anything, I was just... being very spontaneous. I could sense the tension between us while we stood at the coffee table, each making our own cup of coffee.

    And it was tense... I didn't know what to do, she sure wasn't going to start anything... but the tension was definitely there and it was 'sexual'. Almost like sparks.

    Then, she puts down her cup after sipping a few sips, but as she puts down the cup, it spills and a drop of coffee lands on the white surface of the table. I wipe it clean, and she says thank you with a smile.

    I mean, all it takes is an excuse, really...

    We started to talk a bit...

    "Fixing your car?"
    "Yeah... the brakes are bad... you?"
    "Oh just a regular check up. Do you smoke, per chance?"
    "Yeah, in fact I do..."

    She must've seen the cigarette box in my shirt pocket... obviously...

    We go outside and smoke a cigarette, and talk some more there... she was really cool, almost like a guy. Very straight forward, and not shy.

    After the smoke, we came back to the customer's waiting room, and there we returned to each others' seat... Mine was at the computer table, and her was at the sofa.

    Then, as I turn and look at her, she smiles this really naughty smile, and walks towards the back of the room, where there's the toilet.

    She's clearly trying to tell me something...

    AS soon as she disappears around the corner, I get up and follow. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, I just reacted.

    As soon as I turn the corner, there she is, standing. Leaning against the wall, her body motion, inviting.

    I walked up to her and stood right in front of her. Her back against the concrete wall, legs, slightly apart.

    I pushed my lower body closer to hers, and immediately there was the connection.

    She stood there, breathing heavily, and I pushed my lower body further, now, completely pressing against her skirt.

    I wrapped her shoulder with my arm, and escorted her into the toilet.


    After 10 minutes, she is sitting on her sofa, looking mighty content.

    And I'm back in my computer desk, writing this.
  2. if it's a true story than i am mighty impressed. if it's fictional than not a bad read, but not amazing.
  3. I'm sitting at the garage RIGHT NOW. For real.

    They're still fixing the brakes, and they really provide computer with internet connection for waiting customers, and that's how I'm able to write this RIGHT NOW.
  4. But there is no chick.. :D

    Just figments of my imagination.

    I'm still horny though. Obviously I'll need a real pussy to get rid of the horniness. Fictional pussy doesn't work very well.
  5. this is EXACTLY what I thought of when I read that shit.

    [ame=]YouTube - American Hustle -- Luenell[/ame]
  6. [​IMG]that's was so naughty. i felt my heart racing.. i wanted to be that girl for a second there. [​IMG]
  7. love that imagination. <3
  8. I think you found your calling in erotic novels ;)
  9. Seriously. I'm fanning myself.

    Hot damn. You need to write some more erotic stories. I'm pissed that it's 9am, and I have to sit at work till 4 before I can drive an hour to see my boyfriend and get me some.

    We're totally gonna do it against a wall now, too.

    Thank you for making work so much harder to sit through today.
  10. LOL!!! Nice story, even if it was fiction... :D
  11. Thanks for reading guys! :)

    The fact that I was actually in the garage made it very easy to imagine... and the fact that the car sales ladies were very sexy also helped.

    (It was a Honda showroom/garage, where they sell new cars, and they service the cars they sold.)

    I hope someday I'll write a really hot non fiction.


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