Sex and Weed... wuts ur best experience? (keep it semi clean lol)

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Do U think sex and weed is meant 2b

  1. Yes any time any day

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  2. No no... not meant to be

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  1. Well... just because i have many fantasies that involve this subject... I would like to know that i am not the only one that belives these two things go so well together... please remember to keep this tread clean i would hate to get in trouble being such a new member
  2. Well "Duh" of course they go together.
  3. Like a hand in a glove!!LOL [​IMG]....Like a tongue in groove [​IMG]
  4. i gotta give the perverted ;) cowboy a little chuckle
  5. One time @ the beggining of my sophomore year, I went over to this boys house and we took hella bong rips. I was so fuckin' high and he started to grab my butt and stuff, so we started making out and headed for the couch. We were watching music videos and when he started to go down on me, that one song what's your fantasy came on and I started cracking up, it was so hard not to burst out laughing but I maintained composure. After that we made out some more and then we started to fuck and that old school song riding my pony came on, and one song after another were cracking me up, how embarrasing.
  6. lol @ cowboysaxman :) lol!

    i have found i giggle alot when having sex stoned, but well it works out just fine for us, i'd rather be stoned than not but either way it's good!! like BPP said of course they go hand in hand :)
  7. I get all giggly, sorry dont have any stories,(props to 420girlie). But you know you act a little more dumber. Its something to laugh about when your through. Its best when you get to goto the kitchen afterwards!

  8. i have to admit i get the giggles too, cause i notice faces my companion is making or whatever. But the best sexual experiece I ever had stoned was when I went to disneyland with my ex. He broke his peice in the car, so we made a gravity bong and used it in the hotel room. So after we finished up we proceeded to do our thing. Well needless to say it was some of the best sex i ever had; and I realized this even more when we left the next morning and the family in the room next to us was glaring at me. When we got back that night from the park we got a note in our room asking us to please respect the privacy and accomidations of others and to keep our noise at a respectful level. I guess i was louder than i thought. It was kinda embarrassing tho.
  9. the only time that stands out in my mind happened in college. I had a class with this guy, and we flirted alot. But we both had steadys. I figured the flirting was harmless cause we only saw each other in class.

    Well we ended up studying one night togther. After studing for about 3 hours at the student union, we were leaving to go home and out of nowhere he says "Do you smoke"? I was stunned, cause I did smoke, but not to many people knew. I thought someone had told him. So I said "Cigerettes"???? He smiled and said "No, smoke like weed"? So I smiled and said "Sometimes".

    We ditched walking back to my dorm, and went back to his. He brought out a little box, secured the room, and started to roll a joint. He told me that his girlfriend's sister's roomate was an airline stewardess, and she had brought this weed back from Hawaii.

    I don't know if the weed was from Hawaii or what........but the sex was good. The kind that lasts FOREVER and shit. Ladies, you KNOW what I'm talking about. On a scale of 1-10...he scored an 11! Even 13 years later I haven't found another 11. So, I pretty sure it HAD to be the weed!! LOL!
  10. Damn ladies! That was some mighty fine stories that you shared with us.
  11. Cough it up puff (pun very much intended)

    I know you got a story or two to throw down ;)
  12. Come on BPP. let us in on your best experience!

    Good stories girls!
  13. What about you Bud Head?
  14. I don't think ya'll can handle the things that i could tell!

    It says to keep this thread clean. My admissions would be anything other than clean!
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  15. Spark a bowl and spill the dirt, I think we can take what you got ;)

  16. I don't feel comfortable revealling personnal information,*wink-wink*

    I'm usually so stoned, I can't remember what I get into

    I do know that momma likes my big honky afro to grab onto when i "take her out to eat"
  17. [​IMG]LOL 420girlie diggin' for da dirt!! My "Hunny" went from "Groupie" to wife due to an experiance where my Suzuki Samurai, got It's name changed to the "Screwzuki" LOL swingin' from the rollbars!! Damn sure NOT the only reason I married her, but It sure sticks in my mind. And our relationship is so wonderful I'm sure the best is yet to come(LOL no pun!) [​IMG]

  18. Wait a minute, are you mocking me? *lol*

    You no it Cowboy, I'm not afraid to get a little dirt on the skirt ;)
  19. 420Girlie you sound like my kind of woman!

    Sex is like a box of chocolates. You never know what your getting till you eat one!!

    One good memory of being me and the wife being stoned off our ass was when we were coming home after visiting her parents in pikeville Kentucky. She was horny as hell and give me a mind blowing BJ on the way back. Damn some memories are so awsome!!!!!!!!
  20. LOL*LOL*LOL*

    Cowboy owned a suzuki samauri

    Yes I was mocking you!

    Oh my GOd ! Pikeville, KY I have played HSfootball against them hillbillies beforeLOL!

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