sex and drugs

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xplicitcontent, May 9, 2003.


fuckin high

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  1. ok, heres a question dats so far on a balance with various responses. who here would enjoy some good ol\' fuckin when ya blastest off ya ass. ive heard a few yeses and no\'s. for me, itll be a yes unless the chick was ugly. wha chall think?
  2. um..... k.....
  3. usually only bang..... in an altered state of mind or what..... some substance is involved may it be weed/alcohol anything.....

    and this was a weird thread...
  4. I know the answer to this one..... 42!!
  5. I would say yes because I am alot more into it or aggressive and I can orgasm faster because my inhibitions are down. Plus I talk dirty more and yeah its a yes.
  6. LoL, duin these threads when ya stoned is tha greatest
  7. yes. Ecstacy + sex = G O D
  8. Sex with drugs is always a good combo in my opinion but sex is ALWAYS a good thing in my humble yet stoner opinion!!! LOL. Speaking of sex............yep, I\'m overdue for some luvin\'!!!!!!!!! I must take care of that ASAP!!!!!!!!!
  9. ya gone and done it now , that a tennessee leg hound l see coming ,lol.[​IMG]

  10. Well, it may not be a tennessee leg cumin but it is certainly a west virginia one...........are you ready?????????? LOL
  11. Wait wait wait!!!!

    Don\'t you dare cum with out me!!!!!!!!!

    If you did, I\'ll be so frustrated!!!!!!! lol

    I can\'t believe I missed out on a cum!!!!

  12. all night.......rolling hard....doing something else even harder...... best feeling ever..... even more so then the shower afterwards.... :) (unless your doing both at the same time)

  13. Now you didn\'t completely miss out on a cum because I was thinking about your sexy ass (among other things) the whole time!!!!!!!!!!

    *****But if it makes you feel time I masturbate, that orgasm will be for you alone!!!!!!! LOL
  14. Thank you darlin.............

    I have thought of you through many of orgasms myself......

    If you thought of my sexy ass during your last one then I\'ll accept that..

    I hope it was damn good for you!!!!!!!!!
  15. Bud Head, my sex god, it was indeed one of the best manually induced orgasms of my life!!!!!!! I moaned and groaned and screamed and thrashed about to the point I almost fell out of bed. Then I took a shower and debated on doing it over again!!!! LOL. just make me want to do all kinds of dirty, nasty things!!!!!!!

    What would I do without you????????????
  16. I don\'t know what you would do with out me.

    But you should do it once more with me on your brain!!!!!!!lol

  17. Now, what do you think I plan on doing before I go to sleep tonight???????? Masturbate and think of good ole Bud Head and his throbbing manhood and superlative tongue skills. My poor vibrators may need new batteries before the night is over if I keep this up!!!!!!!!! LOL
  18. Orgasms= smile on your face!!!!

    Just remember.............................. you must keep pleanty of batteries and back ups!!!!!!!
  19. Batteries, back ups, batteries, back ups..........but damn Bud Head.........they just aren\'t the same as having the real thing here!!!!!!!!! Why oh why is life so cruel????? LOL.
  20. Brighter days ahead.. Just flick your clit three times and say...

    Bud Head will make my day!! or night!

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