Sex and Drugs

Discussion in 'General' started by Thrill, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Hey, I was looking in another thread, about strains and sex, and I started thinking about Drugs and Sex together.

    Has anyone done anything crazy? Like shrooms and sex? What was it like?

    Unfortunately, I dont have any crazy stories. Just sex and weed. Nothing too crazy.
  2. shrooms and sex are really fun. We thought we were gods/goddesses when we were fucking, like we were remaking the world with our mind-blowing sex
  3. Cokes nice. I'm sure thizz would be too.

    I've passed a blunt back and forth having sex. That was awesome.
  4. This one takes the cake, by far.
  5. Thiz and sex is the most amazing sex you will ever have. It kinda makes regular sex seem like nothing afterwards.
  6. My friend had sex on acid and he claimed the girl turned into a cat. Scared the shit out of him lol. So I guess psychedelics and sex don't go together to well.
  7. LOL.. that's fckin hilarious! I LOVE sex on x... it's the best! I was too freaked out when I tripped on shrooms to even think about having sex. Coke kinda makes you horny, but most guys can't perform on it.
  8. It can be bro

  9. Damn, that's awesome. I had sex on shrooms once and it wasn't that great, we were really disconnected and it was pretty disorienting.

    Sex and Weed is always a winner, though! :hello:
  10. MDMA FTW! I really get into it.
  11. It's really hard to pass a bong without spilling it mid-coitus.
  12. acid and ecstacy are great sex drugs. it's very hard to cum when you're on coke though haha.
  13. shrooms=incredibly long sex.

    no joke it took me twenty minutes of strait up pounding before i felt my first tingle of pleasure
  14. haha. that was interesting. thank you for the replies!
  15. ah it depends, defenitly going to try sex on e though.. lesbian sex
  16. sex on e is great.... but i hate when people tell me how they heard sex is never the same again if you have it on e... thats such bull... its all about your mind set you think it'll ruin your sex life its going to.
  17. I can't get it up on ecstasy, that part of my body goes numb - same for my girlfriend. We both WANT to fuck each other but can't - hahaha.

    Sex on shrooms is amazing though, makes everything feel 10x better due to your increased senses. Sex on cannabis is an everyday occurance, so I can't say whether it's good or not:p

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