Sex after marijuana

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  1. For me marijuana is like aphrodisiac. I experience erection and urge to spurt it out. Guys and girls what are your thoughts
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  2. ur not wrong m8
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  3. High five
  4. Some strains are like that for me....others aren't
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  5. yes
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  6. It works for me with edible. The first time I had marijuana in my life was edible and because of a woman I was dating and she wanted me to have it so we could get laid and well I didn't want to say no.
    Smoking, that will depend a lot on how much I have smoked. I'm an occasional smoker, but when I smoke I usually smoke a lot and that only gets me starving af and sleepy. Horny too maybe but I'm then too sleepy to do anything. If I don't smoke too much, then it's an aphrodisiac to me too.
  7. Totally agree with you man. That's why I have excelled in art of controlled smokin' up. I take 3-4 pure marijuana drags and enjoy talking with people or experience erection n have sex with my girls
  8. Totally agree that it’s the best way. My favorite is chillin and smokin and then the rest!
  9. I swear it does something to your hormones, turns me into a rabbit even if my usual depression has my libido low. ALSO acts like a natural viagra. Sadly most of my weed sex has been with myself but...soon....soon....i shall unleash my 6 and a half inch serpent upon college poon...mwahahahhaa (knock on wood)
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  10. LOL thank Goodness I’m very bad in picturing things and it prevented me from imagining that.
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  11. high sex makes my lady's thighs flex

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  12. Ok so we’ve established that sex is great after weed but what happened to the weed after sex?

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  13. Great hope you have a wonderful time. Do share your experiences
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  14. So what do you do after smoke up?
  15. That depends but I usually eat.
  16. Man all these normies harshing my buzz! I couldn't give two rats ass fucks whether you think i will get any action or not
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  17. Absolutely.

    I never smoked growing up or in college, but my wife did. So about 10 years ago we were at her mom's house for Thanksgiving. Her mom had gone to bed and it was just my wife, brother-in-law, his GF and me. He asked if anyone wanted to go outside and smoke. Wife looked at me with an "I want to if you want to" look so I said sure and out we went.

    We hung out for a little bit afterwards and I was starting to feel something when the wife was ready for bed. Well it turns out weed makes her horny AF and she wanted some. It was the best sex we had had in years. Now part of our love life.

    And it makes her squirt. Not sure how or why, but she never does without it, always does with it.
  18. I pray for me girlfriend when I get high because it's a wrap for her I'm a horny dude but once I get stoned you might as well hire a second girlfriend
  19. Yeah I guess many people started with medicinal marijuana lol

    Cool story, long live to your relationship!

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