Severely stunted plants!

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  2. These plants are 8 weeks and 9 weeks and spent the first 3 weeks of there life in the clay pot then were transplanted into there current pots and haven't grown much yet since then but the Early Miss plants have all the buds and the greencrack stains are not getting taller
  3. Still need more info. Lights, soil, nutrients, how often do you water, what's the temp, what size pots.
  4. For soil I have 20% perilite 50% topsoil 30% compost outdoor grow just in a greenhouse 84 degrees day around 65-75 at night no nutrients just the compost and 3 gallon and 2 gallon and one random pot
  5. I'm not a soil grower but I know good soil when I see it. If those plants are 8-9 weeks old you have a soil problem.
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  6. Could the seedlings being left in those small clay pots could've had something to do with it or no?
  7. Also I'm thinking about giving up on all the flowering plants to buy New ones and grow them in 7 gallon smart pots with 50% compost 20% perlite and 30% top soil that is actually from a store and not from my backyard any thoughts?
  8. As I mentioned - I'm not a soil grower so I don't feel qualified to give you advice - there are some good soil growers on here that can probably help. If you decide to try coco I'll be happy to help. For your comparison - these plants are 9 weeks from sprout.
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  9. lol I don't even see a difference. I think I should restart
  10. I've only used Fox Farm soil and even then I add nutrients after week 3-4. From what I understand compost and top soil is not enough to feed a plant for its entire life. The yellow leaves and discoloration (although cool looking) scream deficiency of some kind.
  11. I read that using only compost can be deadly to a plant as well so i was thinking of using 7 gallon grow bags start shallow and then cover the main stem as I go
  12. But
    but also adding compost as I go
  13. If your intention is to need need liquid ferts I would go to the organic section and ask how to make the best soil for that. That's kinda their thing. I can only say that your plant has some serious deficiencies. How best to correct it without using liquid nutes (besides the fact that this is way too late to make a correction) is beyond me.
  14. The organic section at like a local grow store?
  15. Organic Growing
  16. is way yo hot to start seedlings. I learned this the hard way. I grow orgainc and i still buy happy frog to start seeds.

    Seedlings need basically dirt with goid drainage to start out with. I atart mine in solo cups of happy frogs and after 3/4 weeks i transplant into their final homes with compost.

    Happy frog and fox farm is garbage soil... Which is why it works great for seedlings

    Also your plants are budding.... Were these clones from a flowering plant?
  17. You say "topsoil". Is that Scott's? Because that is meant to be used along with native soil for your lawn. Way too much nitrogen for new plants.
  18. No it was topsoil out of my vegetable garden that is just black and smooth
  19. Maybe mix it with coco coir and perlite. Looks like maybe it is holding too much water/not enough air.
  20. Smart pots would be a s,set descion to swap to right to get lots of oxygen to the plants and roots

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