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Severe Migraines & CBD Oils?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ElyBx, May 7, 2016.

  1. Hey All.
    I'm new here and have just recently been told about CBD oil for pain management. I've just about had it with my almost daily painful and vomit-inducing migraines. I was just discharged from the hospital yesterday for the worst one I've had to date. It caused so much pain and nausea I was severely dehydrated by the time I got to the hospital. I'm tired of taking drugs like Ibuprofen 800mg, Sumatriptan, Topiramate (for seizures) and Fioricet. I feel like I've developed an immunity to these drugs and nothing works anymore. I'm wanting a more natural approach to dealing with the pain and hopefully taking something to stop the migraines all together. I'm not opposed to smoking actual weed but I prefer not to as I don't like feeling like a big lazy blob the rest of the day after smoking it lol. I looked up CBD oils and can't find enough clear information on it to decide if it's a good choice for my migraines or if I should try a different method with cannabis. Has anyone been suffering with migraines as well and had any luck with this?

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  2. CBD will knock your migraines out for sure. i had bad light triggered attacks,
    still have them but not as often and its not crippling.
    the laziness is all on you
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  3. Lol, it really all depends on what I smoke. My sister used to give me these dabs and one time I had a really bad high on them and I rather not do that anymore. There have been times where I go on cleaning sprees and clean my entire house from how high I get LOL. But for pain I rather take something like the CBD oils to prevent and stop the migraines in their tracks. Do you have any idea what dosage I should take?
  4. I have never had a strain that killed my migraines. However I did recently discover that my migraines are triggered by sinus problems so Marijuana may make it worse for me because smoking can trigger sinus problems.
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  5. The primary reason my wife medicates is for migraines. She started out with specifically high cbd marijuana but now she can use most any except pure sativas. She hasn't had a migraine in months.
  6. I just purchased the +CBD Oil Tincture which should be arriving sometime this week but for the meantime I went to a smoke shop near by and purchased 35.5% CBD oil by a company called iHemp Dabs and also got a vaporizer pen to smoke it from. I tried putting it in my mouth but the taste is just HORRID and bitter! I like the effects it gives though I don't feel high but I can't really tell what's going on yet lol...It's been only a day. I need more time to figure out whats going on. Also while at work it feels a bit weird but I will say it's making my day go by much faster at work lol.
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  7. Good luck, OP.

    I've had migraines since I was around 10. I've never found any particular type of weed or strain that disables them. There's too much going on with a migraine, the headache is only part of the action and that's generally being caused by blood flow to the head. Weed won't necessarily 'fix' or 'cure' that. I've had some luck with CBD strains making them more bearable, but even then I've had to smoke so much that I might as well have just taken an opiate to deal with it, you know?
  8. I have excellent results with migraine relief smoking Sativas. Cures all of my ills, lol. Not a lazy blob either. After I smoke I can actually get up and out of my chair. I think the higher the THC content (Indicas) the higher you'll be but the Sativas work differently. I use them exclusively.
  9. A local vapor shop here in town recently got in CBDdrip brand vape oil. The gold was really good. It was only 12.95 for a small bottle. The weird thing was next time I bought one for 34.95 it seemed weaker than the gold. It was silver I believe. I was surprised because silver was supposed to be 10 x stronger. I didn't do anything. So I wonder how many companies are making it the correct way, safely. I need something solid not hit or miss. I did notice the effects of it. And so did my girlfriend. However, we do not suffer from migraines or headaches. I can only speak to the quality of the product. I felt a general sense of well being and I actually got the giggles. Almost felt like an antidepressant. No high. No munchies. I actually got motivated and started working around the house. My girlfriend forgot she hadn't even smoked anything that morning. That's how good she felt. We smoke every morning. We use it for medical reasons. Anxiety and depression. She uses it for PMS.

    Endoca Reviews | Endoca CBD | CBD Oil Reivew

    This website in general is great. I think what you're looking for is a concentrated medicated dose. The 3000 mg raw cbd looks excellent. I'm sure it's worth every penny. You would probably get great results. If you're not looking to smoke or vape, and don't want to feel lazy this is the stuff. I felt like I had ingested liquid sunshine. I felt creative, happy, content , motivated, and just a general feeling of wellbeing. I was shocked by how cbd made me feel. I could feel it in my eyes. I also took maybe 2 tokes of high grade weed in addition, and I probably had the best day I've had in a long time.
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    Had my first migraine at age 4. There are multiple causes of migraine. A few years ago a theory was floated that migraine is a seizure disorder. That may be true for some of us, making CBD an interesting option.

    I have had some luck avoiding developing a migraine using homemade ethanol tinctures of sativa-dom strains with roughly 4:1 THC:CBD ratio. I followed a recipe for a natural decard of the THC (make tincture without decarb, let it sit in the dark fridge for about 90 days, decarb of THC happens). My working assumption for the CBD strain (sorry, don't remember the name, not a big name CBD strain) was that no matter what they say the CBD content is (which includes CBDa), CBD won't be more than about 5%. With a THC content of 10 or 12%, I'll get close to 2:1 ratio from that tincture. To this I add about a dropper of standard THC tincture made with a sativa-dom strain. With that tincture combo, I feel effects in 35 minutes. Heavy pharmaceuticals take 25-45 minutes, so that's decent. The buzz is very mild, just enough to know it's working, making me feel very very relaxed without feeling sedated. When I experimented with 150% of the CBD dose, I felt medicated the next day, which I avoid. I estimate CBD at 6-7 mg, THC 20-30 mg.

    Everyone is different, metabolizes differently, so you have to experiment. I like to make my own meds, know what's used for extraction, can estimate the dose using my assumptions.

    For this to work, I need superhero powers to detect the subtle signs that migraine is coming. I don't have aura, but I do have signs if I'm paying attention: sudden deep fatigue, neck ache, runny nose. There are triggers I'm aware of, and I never stack two triggers if possible (alcohol, cured foods, dehydration, lack of sleep, major time zone changes, massive weather changes in Oct and March).

    If I wake up with a full on migraine, I don't mess with cannabis and hit the major meds.

    FWIW I had inconsistent results with dispensary CBD spray in an oil base. It's possible that the oil carrier takes too long to metabolize and the migraine develops faster than the oil is metabolized. With migraine, speed of treatment is everything. I take a long time to come on to edibles. Ethanol tincture works much much faster, minutes instead of hours.
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  11. I too suffer from headaches and several other mental disorders. I've found that CBDistillery has the best products imo.

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  12. I know this I old, but I needed to read that last sentence.
  13. Migraine attacks go beyond the typical stress- or allergy-related headache. Migraine attacks last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours. Even the most mundane activities, such as moving or being around noise and light, can amplify your symptoms.

    While pain medications can help temporarily alleviate symptoms of migraine attacks, you may be concerned about their side effects. This is where cannabidiol (CBD) may come in.

    CBD is one of the many active compounds found in the cannabis plant. It’s grown in popularity as a way to naturally treat certain medical conditions.

    Keep reading to find out:

    what the current research says about using CBD for migraine
    how it works
    potential side effects and more
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  14. You're not a very good spammer if you forgot the spam link. :rolleyes:
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  15. CBD is not good for Glaucoma/pressure as well.
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  16. This is old and maybe OP will not see this .... I have chronic migraine and I tried using CBD (full spectrum first, but it was not effective enough. Now I've been using 1:1 every day, mainly oil and tincture, and I have managed to cut my painkiller intake to about half and have not had those killer attacks at all.

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