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Severe Migraines after smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Katerham, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. I have been smoking weed for about five years now. These past few months after I smoke I have been getting terrible migraines where I can't function; they've even gotten to the point where I go blind for a while. I do not have these headaches when I am sober. The only cure for me to enjoy my high is to take a painkiller like Vicodin or Oxys approx 30-45minutes before then I can get high with no headache. I have tried drinking HUGE amounts of water before, during, and after smoking to no cure. I have also eaten sweets because I have heard this can be related to low blood-sugar levels. Once I've gotten these headaches they are very hard to get rid of, I have found that a large source of caffeine i.e. monster or coffee helps but does not solve it. It isn't the type of weed I am smoking I have experimented with indoor,outdoor,local,dispensary, any type of weed. I'm not smoking seeds or stems or ash. I get headaches with bongs, blunts, vapes, pipes, joints, everything. I have not tried eating edibles yet to see if I get the same problem. Currently I am just taking a break from smoking so far its been one week. Maybe it's a tolerance issue? I cannot find anything useful online and the few scarce pieces of information I find have been useless. THIS SUCKS I love blazing and am sad that it pains me so much to smoke. I would love to find a cure to this or even an explanation of why this is happening to me  :cry: . So if anyone has any ideas I would love to here them, thanks.

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    It's probably the weed. Maybe it hasn't been flushed properly? I have gotten a very nasty headache from smoking very old weed once..the worst headache I have ever had, and the high intesified it..
    Stop smoking your remaining stash, buy some new weed, and from a different source if you can. If you are still getting headache's, it might be a medical thing.
    I don't think it's a tolerance issue, you shouldn't get a headache from low or high tolerance, just super high and maybe a little nauseous, but no headaches like what you are describing.
    Also, you said you were taking vicodin and oxycodone? Is this for an existing condition? Maybe weed is a bad match, if you do have health problems.
  3. As I said I have tried local and dispensary weeds. Indoor and outdoor. I have prob tried over 30 different types of weed with the same problem
  4. ^I see, you said you were taking some pain meds right? Is it for a medical condition? Maybe the weed is triggering something.
  5. Maybe check into your blood pressure. :confused_2: 
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  6. @[member="CrispyBacon"] I started taking pills once I was getting these headaches, just got them off of friends haha. I am not currently prescribed any medication or have any conditions, aside from these migraines haha.
  7. @[member="janedough"] had a doctor check up about the same time headaches started happening and have fine blood pressure. I'm in shape, exercise daily, ect ect
  8. quit those, you can get addicted to them, and trust me, you don't want to experience withdrawals.
  9. @[member="CrispyBacon"] Thanks for the concern but I have plenty of self control, and since I've been taking this break I haven't used them, only used to counter headaches. The real issue is these terrible migraines from smoking!
  10. Well honestly I'm stumped then... All I'm left with at this point is that if it's giving you migraines, then stop doing it. I know that's not the answer you want to hear, but... :confused_2: 
  11. @[member="janedough"] yea and it's not like I can go for the doctor for it  :unsure:  if I can't get any other solution my guess is it is a tolerance issue and I'm going to wait a month or so to get it completey out of my system and see if that does anything
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    really wish i could help a fellow toker out. i can't really figure out what's causing your headaches, and i've been trying to google some answers, but the fact that any type of weed get's you a headache is just bizzarre. i hope you can recover and smoke without headaches soon. try taking a break for a month, and see what happens.
  13. @[member="CrispyBacon"] thanks for trying I appreciate it. yea same I have googled the shit out of this and haven't found anything similar to my problem. maybe my brain is telling me it's just time to stop.
  14. Water. I drink 16oz for every SINGLE sesh I have and I haven't had a migraine since. Weed dehydrates you and gives you cotton mouth on top of that. Not because the smoke but because of the actual chemical properties of weed do.
  15. @[member="Caveit77777"] as I stated before I drank about a liter before, during, and after a sesh and all I get is having to piss a lot with a migraine. Sometimes the water makes it a little less painful
    But not much.
  16. No more ideas :/?
  17. If I smoke and get super high and then smoke again to get super high again right after coming down, I get a headache. That's why I split up my smoke sessions. 1 in the afternoon and one around midnight.
  18. I hope you're not smoking seeds?  When i first started smoking, I'd even pack the seeds in, (lol) and one day my buddies were heading to the mall with some ladies and of course I get fucking ran over by a headache. Not just any headache like, demon crawling in your skull pressuring your head headache.
  19. No no seeds or stems that's some rookie shit
  20. Well I don't know if anyone is still following this thread but I thought I'd post about my "progress". So I quit for little under a month to lower my tolerance and smoked again, weed for a dispensary with the same headache. Nothing seems to work except for popping a vicodin or some opiate like that before smoking. This stoner is very sad and I have scoured all of google and other forums like this for an answer with no cure. Hydration, sugar levels, food, properly cured weed, exercises, edibles, everything... Guess I'm just done smoking weed which really fucking sucks. I'll check up on this thread from time to time see if there is so miraculous answer but I highly doubt it..  :cry: Maybe one day me and maryjane can make up but untill then....  :(

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