Severe lack of motivation in school.

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  1. okay blades, i need some help.

    I've always had trouble with my grades since freshman year of high school, i'm a senior now and i'm scared this will continue next year when i go to college. I know education is important and i honestly want to have good grades, it's just like... i can't do it. I only recently started smoking so it's not like i've just let weed control everything in my life.

    I can crack down for like 1-2 weeks at a time and complete all work/study, but then i slowly go back to just totally blowing everything off. Even if I try to do the work, I usually just sit there and, literally, open my desk and start playing with random shit ( like disassembling pens, wtf). A friend of mine said it sounded like I had inattentive ADD, but idk, it seems like if that were true my parents/teachers would have brought it up a lot earlier.

    I just want to be able to understand/maybe fix just what the fuck is wrong lol. My parents have said they wont help pay for college if I keep showing this lack of motivation, i want to be able to talk to them about how i feel like i just can't do it.
  2. try to stay away form the weed for a while only blaze on weekends perhaps.

    hope you dont get senioritis then your prob fed lol

  3. I honestly only smoke on the weekends or at night.
  4. you could also try studying with a friend on the same subject? or try tutoring.

    as for motivation, i cannot really help you with that :/
  5. i have self diagnosed adhd.. and if i dont it doesnt change that i cant pay attention in school... anyways i toke alot before and during school (preferably a good heavy indo or a cross but not a full on sativa) on lunch breaks it helps me pay attention and makes school somewhat interesting.. it also makes school less stressful idk if this is the case for you... probly not, but the friends that i smoek wit during school all say that they have the opposite effect... so id say they all dont have adhd and i do..
  6. Just think how hard it's going to be to find a decent job when you get out into the "real" world without an education.

    I done this to some degree when I got into college. I would do really good the first half of the semester and then just get bored with the classes. I'm mostly just a procrastinator and wait to the very last damn minute. But it pushes me to do the work.

    Just have to find your own way to make it work man. No one can help you with that. Well unless you pay someone to do the work for you. I had a friend that did this and honestly, it was pathetic. I lost some respect for him.
  7. go to the doctor and say you think you have add or whatever, hell give you the stuff you need. the meds for add will make functioning way easier. my friend says he cant do schoolwork when hes not on his ADD meds.
  8. Yah i used to take pens apart to i was a fucking master i could take one apart in seconds and put it back to together to. But try and relate what your learning to your life somehow.
  9. ADD is a hoax, dont go taking pills.... please.

    What I suggest is, say OK, im going to do my homework. smoke a bowl that second and start doing your homework and just do it as long as you can, its what I do and it works.

    Also it is 100% fact that REAL omega 3 fish oil helps your brain and makes you want to learn more.

    Its all in your head, you make the choices, do you want to study, if not make yourself want to its easier than you think. you can tell yourself that it is important to do and you do it. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the less it sucks.

  10. I reallyyy don't want to have to take that shit to feel 'normal'. If I went to a doctor I'm positive they would just give me a scrip and then that would be it. I have a few cousins who had add and once they got meds... They just weren't the same person. It was kind of sad in a way. I want to be able to just like, fucking take care of the shit I need to, I just have no idea what to do, and the more i think about it the crazier I feel.
  11. Do you know what you want to go to college to study? If you know what you want to do after you finish college it might be easier to stay on track if you know what you are working toward. I usually reward myself for completing assignments or even just attending every class in a week. Just say to yourself if you do a project or if you get a certain grade on a test then you get to do something you like.
  12. i'm exactly the same way, and i have ADHD

    not to say u have it, but i'd talk to a psychiatrist about getting tested for it. ritalin helps u to just stay focused, and it may help u

    not for everyone, and after a while it doesn't work as well
  13. this sounds just like me. im going to go get tested for ADD.
  14. A wise man once said,
    "They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference."

    - Bill Hicks.

  15. dido this except the bolded section.

    dude have u tried vyvance? dude its the shit every now and then. its what kids these days r getting prescribed for add symptoms which r ridiculously vague and something seriously needs to be done about doctors now giving full prescriptions to young kids. Seriously as a doctor, you think you can make him/her medicated nearly 24/7 and it has an overall good effect on the child and the development of their body and mind? I do think that is fucking bogus and kind of ironic. what the fuck is all this education for you might ask yourself. Well these fuckers can make some good drugs... lol

    But seriously vyvance does it job incredibly. Makes you concentrate, want to be productive, social, an overall great time on that shit. If I had these things the first time around at a 4 year university goddamn I woulda made A's I have no doubt... That being said, don't take that shit every day. Just take it when you need it. Shit makes you not want to eat and loose weight too. Should almost be prescribed as a weightloss drug I kid you not.

    So yea, you might have add might not. I think eeveryone fits into the category of ADD with the fucking symptom list. Yea I got bored math class and couldn't listen to the teacher when she was teaching. Just got lost in space starrin at the wall. Doesn't mean I have fucking add.

    I have seen some kids where there's seriously now doubt as to whether they have add or something seriously wrong with their mental ability to stay on subject for a short period of time.

    yea :smoking: peace gc.
  16. Honestly dude I'm as skeptical of the whole add thing as you are but, it's on such a different level than just 'spacing out in math class'. I don't even know how to explain how frustrating it is. Like in class if I don't have friends to distract/talk to me, I just sit there thinking about one subject like super intensely (for instance--lately it's been add). I understand everyone probably thinks I just need to grow the fuck up, but me and my parents have tried everything imaginable to get me motivated.
  17. OK, so you don't like doing things that suck; this is not a bad thing. Doing shit that sucks for an extended period of time might sound like "discipline," but I think that's just dopey simpleton talk. That conclusion is a type of intellectual laziness, or at best sloppiness to me. We're in a (sorta) free country. You can almost literally do whatever you want. Why spend most of your life doing things you don't the pursuit of things you don't know you want?

    Really, truly evaluate what you're doing, and why.
  18. Why not try a vocational school, like truck driving. Many companies need drivers and you can use their trucks. Some trucking companies offer schooling. It won't take 4 years to finish either.

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