Severe humidity issue

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  2. Also in week 6 flower** which is another reason why I’m so stressed about this. They’re some nice exotic strains too just starting to show they’re colours I’d be devastated to lose them now
  3. Depending on the environment ones trying to grow in, sometimes you can't get out of buying certain equipment. Placing a dehumidifier outside of the tent will lower grow room humidity in turn lowering humidity, intake humidity and over all tent humidity.

    Takes a large room dehumidifier to keep up if the environment grown in is one of high humidity.
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  4. The best way to avoid problems is to have a plan in place BEFORE you start growing. You need a dehumidifier asap.
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  5. I'd leave all fans and exhaust constantly on. Maybe a little trimming. Good luck!:)
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  6. Silica can help prevent mold. You really are going to need a dehumidifier though.
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  7. Depending on your climate an a/c may be a better option. you r in a basement? app sq feet? temps? +1 for defoliating. remember the 6 P's. proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Next times the charm. :passing-joint:
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  8. I agree tbh, after doing a fair bit of research it seems like dehumidifier is my only hope. Because the humidity in my area is around 90% there isn’t much else I can do. Thanks for your reply
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  9. I’ve done this many times before and never ran into this issue so I didn’t really think of it it’s always been in check, but the humidity in my area is ridiculously high at the moment and it comes and goes in patches off 4-5 days so I thought I’d be okay placing moisture absorbers for them few days but now it’s becoming apparent that the humidity is staying high. Now that this has happened once it’s definitely gonna be something I’m prepared for in the future the amount of condensation is a joke, might need to add insulation of some sort and thanks for your reply!
  10. I leave them all on 24/7, I’ve done a fair bit of trimming also but I vegged for too long and also fimmed them instead of topping which has resulted in abit of a jungle I trimmed garbage bags worth of leaves in stages from toward end of veg and stopped at week3 flower. I feel that the overgrown size of them is playing a big part in the humidity issue also, they’re that overgrown that even the heap of defoliation I did still didn’t help the humidity issue and in my opinion they’re still too bushy, definitely a lesson learnt there also. Thanks for your reply
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  11. I feel like I honestly should have copped some pm or bud rot by now so I’d say the silica or the airflow has saved me there but since the humidity is 80-90% in my area for next 2 weeks I think the dehumidifier is needed aswell don’t really have a choice. Thanks for your time and reply
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  12. In a shed so it’s very prone to the outside temps/humidity. Currently the temps sitting between 21-28 degrees Celsius, tent is 2mx2mx2m. I did ALOT of defoliating spaced it out every 1.5-2 weeks and stopped at week3 flower but due to vegging too long I’d say they’re still too bushy tbh. I was wrapped because I had absolutely everything in check and they’re looking amazing for start of week 6 but I’ve never had humidity/condensation issues so this got me by suprise. Thanks for your reply I’ll definitely get this in check and be prepped for future
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  13. It would be a good investment, especially if you ever needed to dry with RH that high. If your luck is like mine there would come a dry where the record was set for the highest most humid days in a row. Lol
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  14. Work required. Could you insulate & seal up the shed? Then climate control & ditch the tent?
  15. Dehumidifier is a must. Even if you have to sacrifice a plant to have space for it. Your going to lose everything to mold if you dont make it work somehow.
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  16. Dehumidifier in the same room as the tent is a great idea.

    Not sure what temperature your flower room is but I would turn the heat up, you could go up to 35c, its not ideal, but the humidity will drop.

    Causing a strong vacuum will also drop the humidity, but you need to reinforce the sides of the tent, you don't want the sides pulling in, turn off intake fan and seal the tent up best you can and turn the extraction fan on.

    lollipop the plant, remove all the leaves etc off the lower 50% of the plants and thin the top canopy out 20%
    use sand on the top of the soil, water the plants as the light turn on, use a heater to keep the night and day temps very high.

    remove all run off from the trays,
    Does the air exit the tent then directly outside as this would cause a vacuum in the room/shed and the tent.

    once your humidity drops below 70% I would start to drop the temps but over 70% in later flower is going to be full of bud rot, some buds better than no bud IMO
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  17. S
    Sorry for the late response, I did defoliate and lollipop in veg but this issue started mainly in flower, ended up getting dehumidifier it keeps it between 50-68% I’ve copped mold on the floor but that’s it I think silica,aloe Vera and molasses may have prevented mold forming on the plant itself because I can’t figure how else I haven’t copped it on the plant with the humidity being in that range for this period of time, thanks for your help!
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  18. I’ve definitely got same luck as you since about 2 weeks prior to post until now the area humidity ranges from 60-90% ‍♂️ ended up getting dehumidifier had no choice! Thankyou
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  19. Used a dehumidifier for now it’s kept it at bay removing approx 20L of moisture a day but still can’t get below 60% no mold on plants so far I’m guessing due to mainly silica additive I can’t figure any other reason why it hasn’t happened
  20. Yep ended up having no choice got the dehumidifier, mold has formed on the floor due to multiple spillages due to pump getting stuck and pumping water even when disconnected to power but luckily nothing spread anywhere else, I’ve treated the patches on the floor with zero tolerance spray and a mold spray. Thankyou

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