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Severe Frostbite.. 3 months recovering (Graphic pictures)

Discussion in 'General' started by bspot123, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. I would manage to roll joints and light my bowls.

    I want military grade hands goddammit!
  2. Holy shit. I'm so glad you're okay. Totally did not expect this. o_O

  3. I'd would rather lose my entire arm then 1/3rd of my dick
  4. Glad to know your recovering well. I really can't imagine how i would have reacted to that sight of my hands the next day. Regardless, glad everything is working out well in the end. Remember, gloves are our friends :p

    I'll +rep when i can, spread too much today:rolleyes:
  5. Did you finger a snowman/yetti or something?
  6. how did you jack off or wipe your ass?
    im sooo glad i live in florida
  7. wow, how did you jack off? you got a girlfriend or something? can't your balls explode or something, or is that only if you've started then stopped mid fap, bah he probably made some contraption
    wow this guy is onto something i'm curious as to what's up
  8. oh my my my....


    good luck to you and your hands, dude!
  9. Holy shit, did you jerk off frosty the snowman? Seriously tho I hope you fully recover looks pretty fucking painful. Best wishes yo.

  10. For the most part, yeah. But not with my right hand.. there are so many joints and ligaments in the human hand its incredible. When I got bit I couldn't move either of my hands for about one month... at all. The pain was unbearable if I moved them an inch.. because all the skin fell off.

    So four of the fingers on my right hand arent fully gonna work.. they are just kind of bent. But I still go to physical therapy and work them on my own so I'm hopeful.

    Haha, good question. I was pretty depressed when I couldn't get off. But after about a month... yes a whole month, the longest in my life going without I finally managed. I don't really remember how I just know it felt like Gods vagina. Pure heaven let me tell you :D

    And I managed to wipe my own ass, I made sure I figured that one out. But my dads been really good to me, he had to shower me for the first couple weeks. Pretty awkward at first but I got over it.

    Thanks everyone :smoke:
  11. hoooooooly shit. that looks awful, dude. i'm glad you didn't loose any fingers.

    i got mild frostbite in my feet when i was homeless in maryland. i got another traveler to look at them, because i didn't know if i needed to go to a hospital or not. they were purple and swollen. he said i needed to soak them in warm water, and then hot water until the swelling went down. the closest place around was a subway, so i went in the bathroom, locked the door, and filled the mop bucket. 2 hours later, the manager used the master key to see what the fuck was going on in the bathroom and saw a tramp with her feet in his mop bucket. he was pissed, but i assured him it was a medical emergency.

    high five for frostbite!
  12. its been said by like everyone

    but i thought i would add to the list

    HO LI SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. dam man hope your doing better. what part of the blue ridge were you at
  14. I dont know why but I loled.... Remember Adam Sandlers frosbite foot in mr deeds?
    Seriously though damn that sucks. This joint goes out to you
  15. Damn man thats a crazy story. Good to hear you are at least in good spirits about the situation and got to keep your hands. Also its not the first time your dads had to whipe your ass ya digg. And anyways once hes old enough you will have to return the favor and it wont be as awkward cuz you can just reminisce about your situation. All fun aside good to hear you got good homies making sure you can medicate in your time of need. Now i know to bring gloves always!!!!
  16. Next put your hand up your vaaj ;)

    And I thought my frostbite was bad.
  17. i see you like sour patch kids.

  18. so when you wack off is it like the whole "more cushion for the pushin' " thing??
  19. WOW!! what was your reaction to the frostbite?
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X7ok_0fIkQ]YouTube - Eminem: Puke (lyrics)[/ame]

    Dude that's so fucking disgusting.. You look like the crypt keeper or some shit...

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