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Severe Anxiety/PTSD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by oldschoolprogrammer, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Hello all,
    I am looking for recommendations. I have severe anxiety/depression and PTSD and trouble sleeping, as well as permanent tremors caused by a psych med I was on at one time . I have been on pills for many years and looking to finally get off them all for good since they are known to cause numerous bad/adverse side effects to the liver/body etc.
    I live in medical marijuana state (MA) and they also recently legalized recreational use.
    I am new to all this so any help/recommendations/advice would be great! :thankyou:
  2. I suffer from those as well....and MJ CAN help, but you have to "take it slow" in my opinion.....if you take too high a can most certainly have adverse least in my case.

    The only information I have to offer you is do a bit of research and try the different methods of intake.....smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, etc.....get the right dose and right method down....and you could legitimately get off of those meds you want to get off of

    Please note I am not a Doctor and should consider discussion with your Doctor regarding this issue and how it might effect the current meds you are on.
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  3. I use weed medicinally for similar issues. I think you're going to find edibles the most useful from a medical standpoint. One or two of them at bedtime, along with some melatonin, is usually enough to knock me into a nice, dreamless (nightmare-free) sleep, and the general decrease in "edginess" lasts well into the next day, even after the acute intoxication has worn off.

    Depending on what kind of work you do, you might also try micro-dosing with a vaporizer during the day. I do this often, and it's usually enough to get me through until the evening, when I don't have to be sharp as a tack and can indulge a little more. I spent years trying various psych meds and never could stay on them because of the side effects. Your mileage may vary (obviously), but this is what works for me.
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  4. Thank you! I really appreciate the info. I will definitely take it slow and research the various intake methods.
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  5. Thank you for the awesome info. I will definitely look into the edibles and the micro-dosing with the vaporizer. I too suffer from the nightmares and lucid dreams. I am extremely anxious during the day(and stressed).
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  6. The "general rule of thumb" is Sativa strains are more a day time....upper...ish medication........Indica is a more evening or hanging out, variety.....that helps with sleep. In case you "didn't know that" it will give you a starting point.

    Do you plan on using a dispensary or growing your own.......if you don't mind me askng?
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  7. I plan on using a dispensary. in Mass. they have medical and recreational dispensaries now. I have been thinking about (but somewhat reluctant) on getting my medical card as there is a medical dispensary literally within walking distance. I am kind of hoping to connect with some other MA people to find out what would be the best option.
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  8. Just curious, do you have a recommendation on a vaporizer(s)? or which one you are currently using that works best for you? Thank you again for all the info!
  9. I'm currently using a Pax 3. The various temperature settings are nice, but there's definitely a technique to drawing on it that's kind of a pain to master, so I'm kind of "meh" about it. I much prefer smoking.
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  10. That is the one thing I hated about vaping....getting the temp right...or the draw right....I like the taste and the high I get....but you def have to get ONE....and play with it until you "get it down pat"
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  11. I honestly can't wait to get off the psych meds, they are awful. I've been on various ones for years and I can't stand the side effects either nor the damage they can do to the body, especially the liver. They make me feel like crap. I've already had one I was on years ago cause me permanent tremor damage so I'm really ready to be done with them. I'd much rather smoke a bowl or vape and just relax and feel good. I kind of wish I had pursued getting my medical card a long time ago and doing this sooner but as I said I was somewhat reluctant on getting the medical card and my doctor at the time was less than weed friendly to say the least.
  12. I grow and smoke amnesia Haze , it settles me down , Amnesia Haze is a Sativa strain .
    For sleeping you want a Indica Strain
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  13. My friend is a little off and his son is paranoid I cant spell the word but he is really messed up in the head he hears voices .
    he is most the time in a mental institution .
    I smoke him out and it does help . but at the same time its not always enough to get his head back to normal .
    As far as I can tell its up to that person to actually calm them self's down and get they're head focused on what priorities are at hand .
    Weed helps but its not curing him of the mental issues ..and I cant supply the 26 year old kid of the mental issues at hand .
    Not trying to be disrespectful but weed doesn't always settle down my friends sons issues .
    and hw has to take other hard core drugs .
    Its nothing less then frustrating and there is no addressing a issue and getting that issue figured out and put in the past .
    You think you got a issue figured out , but its not my friends son just makes it back into a issue 2 miniutes latter or the very next day .
    There is zero progress.
  14. Wow, that's pretty crazy. For me it's just being extremely anxious and very high stress, and being unable to relax and also not being able to sleep at night and off and on depression, but over the years they just keep trying various meds some I don't even think specifically designed for what I have but are "supposed" to help with my anxiety and stress symptoms.
  15. You need to get to the point that you can resolve as many things there are bothering you .
    The things you cant resolve because you have no control over them cant be worried about ..
    Worrying over something you cant change will not change anything .so why worry ?

    I am not qualified to give you advise , but staying busy normally stops people on dwelling on problems ..
  16. Your story could be mine. I was on some horrible meds from 1992 until I rediscovered cannabis in 2015. They, too, left me with involuntary hand tremors. Some put me into a near comatose state. I’d spend hours in my recliner drooling over myself.

    Cannabis was life changing for my PTSD symptoms but it’s been a four year learning process. I’ve experienced the worst bouts with depression and anxiety by using the wrong strains and too high of doses of cannabis. Proceed cautiously and temper your initial expectations to avoid disappointment. You’re probably not going to find relief for all symptoms immediately. Prepare yourself for a long trial and error process to find thst happy place you seek.

    You’re going to find diverse recommendations from different individuals that will present conflicting opinions. Embrace them all as they are offered with good intentions but never loose sight of the fact that humankind is complexly diverse and one modality or one particular strain is very apt to offer different effects for different individuals.

    Don’t rule out a legitimate full spectrum CBD tincture. I’ve found this to offer a very calming effect but offers little for combatting depression nor insomnia. My son, on the other hand, leads a very stressful life and finds this concoction most helpful for sleep. A good example of diversity of effects.

    I got really stoned from smoking once; it lasted about ten years! The decade of the seventies was one continuous high and I loved every moment of it. But when I rediscovered cannabis a few years ago I quickly found inhalation wasn’t the route I was seeking. I just couldn’t reconnect with that “heady” feeling I loved so long ago. Ingestibles have turned out to be the proper modality for me.

    I’ve tried multiple tinctures and infused oils with different degrees of success. I tried vaping but just never learned to love it. My go to form of ingestion now is to simply do a good decarb, grind it finely and either cap it and add a little oil or add it to a good no cook fat based edible (modified buckeye recipe my preferred choice).

    Analyze all of our well intended recommendations and find some that will fit into your lifestyle and begin your journey of experimentation.

    By the way, the involuntary tremors have greatly improved with cannabis use. Also, I often found withdrawal from some of those pharmaceuticals horrible and lengthy. When I started a cannabis regimen, I stopped the pills cold turkey with no adverse effects.

    I sincerely wish you you a lot of luck. You’ve found a community here that is anxious to help so draw on this asset. Ask questions often and share your experience!

  17. Are you a Military Veteran?
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  19. The best advice I can come up with is trial and error. One strain and /or consumption method that works for someone else may not work for you. I was steered away from certain strains (like Durban Poison) because it can generally increase anxiety. I found microdosing it with a vape all day actually worked for me. I’m just strange I guess.
  20. I have the same issues and one thing I have learned is smoking beats a vaporizer 100% especially when u want to sleep. Also for me I have a very high tolerance to actual medication like pain killers and drowsy medications u just need to smoke a lot or I do to actually be forced to sleep or I’ll just really relaxed but won’t fall asleep. Indicas help me while sativas tend to make issues worse. I can’t stand the name I really can’t but if you can find herijuana get it and try it. If u smoke enough of it its amazing even true og is great for my anxiety and ptsd. I lovebirds it it’s potent but mellow at same time and very like a dreamy state of mind.

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