Several Plants All With Different Problems

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  1. Also it looks over watered. Let it dry out.
    When you water it next make sure to give it MgS04 (epsom salt) at 1 tsp a gallon, get a good sample for a ph test. You can foliar spray epsom salt on too at 1/2 tsp a liter, with RO water.

  2. I flushes her again on the 2nd day after the 1at flush. PH went up actually, so I just gave up on the pH with her. The others that never got any flushing are the mist vigorous girls I have so with that in mind it made that decision easier. Her last watering was just water.

    Even though I wanted to wait I trimmed her bottom branches off and I'm attempting to clone them now. I went ahead and pulled a bottom btlrnach off of one of the others too.

    I made a few more test batches but im having a hell of a time getting the pH where I want. I tested a batch at 5.25 then added 3/4c of dolomite to just under 2cf and was getting run offs of 6.9-7.0. Argh.... That's actually when I decided I would give my best effort to adjust for soil pH and check run off about once a week. That's it. I'm running organics so as long as I'm in the ballpark I should be good, just looking at my girls I didn't touch tells me that.
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    So this looks worse. All of the first sets of fan leafs have browned and died up. The only thing I can really do right now is hope she turns around.
  4. Multiple nutrient lock-out, no doubt.
  5. Next water through test the run-off and let us know as soon as possible.

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