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  1. This is my first grow and I'm having some issues. I'm using 600w mh, 20/4, 4x4 tent, organic self mixed and cooked soil, aged tap water 6.9 pH, 80*, <50 rh, soil pH at 6.6, plenty of air exchange and circulation.
    I have 7 clones at various stages. They have all recently had low dosage Organic fert (thought my soil mix was not mature) at the dosage for plants at 1 week of veg. Yesterday they were all given a mix of 1Tb epsom salt and 1 Tb dolomite in 1 gal of water.
    I'm not sure whats going on now. I was planning on buying a commercial cal/mag and trying that. On one plant I was thinking maybe it was potassium but now I'm thinking maybe it's nitrogen.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    From the 19th.
    From this am.
    Here are the ones I thought needed the Mg the most, that was 36hr ago.
    I'm starting to think this one may need more fert, I'm not sure.
    These ones are my oldest, one already had problems. They have both been through pH and over watering. They have both been in better environments for teh last week and have started showing much more growth. I'm still not sure if I've truly corrected the issues.
    On the right.

  2. Friend, I want to help but I'm very busy right now, so if you could supply me the PH run-off on each plant exhibiting an issue with a pic of each plant, I'll be more than happy to give definitive diagnosis (believe it or not I suffer from AAHDD).
  3. Hey there man!  I see the iron lockout on the leafs with the ph being 6.6. Try watering with 6.5ph water, RO is what I prefer. Soil ph needs to be 6.5. Looks like you need a cal-mag by the look of the funky new growth and the purpling and then I also saw a sign of a K deficiency on one or two. Plus effects from all that...
    Correct the ph first, flush with 6.5ph water till the run off is 6.5.
    And follow mmmans advice! I just wanted to share what I saw.... :)
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    Thanks for the replies.
    I haven't checked run off for a week. I'll have to check it again on my next water, which may or may not be straight water. The run off of the plants the last I checked them was 6.3-6.7, my water is usually between 6.8-6.9, when I used the low dose of fert the pH going in was 6.8.
    Here are some close ups from when I first got them and from when I noticed the issue about 3-4 days ago. I then treated with dolomite and epsom salt 2 days ago.
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    With her I was thinking K but now I'm thinking N.
    From the 22nd, one day after 5ml/gal of Roots Organic Grow.
  6. Ph run off will tell you a lot. :) It is the key element!
  7. I think my pH is good. my 2 older ones were down at 6.3 the last time I checked, the ones I just got were 6.45-6.71. that was last week though. I'll check them tonight before I do any corrections.
    Picking up bat gauno and cal/mag. I already have a N and P source if I need them.
  8. Your plants are expressing an Mn and Fe deficit, with info provided and pics it's rather obvious on some. Get us some ph run-off measurements and we'll nail it all down.
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    Okay. Here is a pic from today, just before I did a run off test on each.
    I watered with 2 different batches of General Organics cal/mg and Roots Organic HPK (0-5-4) both at 1 Tb/gal and some dolomite to bring down the pH. I think I may have too much dolomite in my soil, or I just washed down some of the last treatment. In any case my pH was not in the shape I thought it was. Nothing looks too bad to me, but then again I wouldn't really know.
    Could this be pH dependent?
    Edit: Just thought of a few things. Their night time temps are kinda low. I was seeing 68* after an hour, I'll need to look again tomorrow after a longer period. I noticed the humidity was up really high when the lights first came on today, like 70%. What could be doing that?
  10. First plant top left: Mn/Fe deficit
    Second plant top left to right: Mn/Fe deficit
    Third        ''     ''     ''         ''   : minutely missing Mn/Fe
    Fourth     "      "      "         "   : Mn/Fe deficit
    First plant bottom left: Mn/Fe deficit
    Second plant bottom left to right: Mn/Fe deficit
    Third............................................: Mn/Fe deficit
    All plants expressing the same deficits and symptoms. Corrective action: lower ph run-off to 6.5
  11. Okay. So manganese and iron lock out because of high pH.
    Even though I just watered should I flush down to 6.5?
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    Okay I'll give that a go on a couple and see how they respond. I'm hesitant to give them all a flush because I think when I flushed the oldest 2 it slowed them down and possibly caused more problems. In any case I'll have to wait while I cycle some new water for the morning. The pH in my water reservoir went up, I think because I used it to dunk my hands that were covered in dirt into. Maybe that wasn't a good idea.
    Edit: Could you tell me how you are identifying the problem? I look at lots of pictures but never came to Mn and Fe.
  13. Just found out my pH meter was off, it was reading .1-.2 high. I'll re-calibrate and test again tomorrow, then adjust down to 6.5
  14. Sounds like a plan, get that ph sorted and make sure the plants have all available micro's especially Mn.
  15. Take a gander at this my friend! :)

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  16. I got to it this morning, their mid-day. I flushed out 4 of the 7..... 6.7, 6.6, 6.47, 6.5  I think I'll go back and try to get the other ones a little lower. I kinda gave up on the 6.7 one, I must have ran 3 -4 gallons before I realized the water wasn't getting it low enough. So I added a Tb of cal/mg and the HPK, that makes pH 5, so I used that.
    I may just wait it out since there is only a few hours of light left for them. If they start turning around I'll do the rest. 
  17. So it's been a few days. All the plants look much better execpt for the big girl. She does not look good.
     I did have a day where my humidity was off the charts high, I got that corrected now.
    Take a look.
    I'm starting to think this may be the problem. I can see in the crack, the inner stem is split in two length wise.
  18. They are looking better. The large one looks like a P def. What is her ph now?
  19. The crack in the stem will heal itself, it is not a problem right now. It just has to put more energy into healing that cell wall.

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