Several hundred bucks for a pH meter?! Nope.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by subatomic, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. The advantage of going with recognized brands and models is your electrodes and other sensors will last longer and give more accurate and consistent readings over time. Don't forget to purchase 4.0&7.0 calibration solution, and storage solution is also recommended.
  2. What would you guys say is the best all around pH meter when being on a budget? Say under 100 and also under 50?
  3. This is a good one: Hanna Instruments HI 98107, pHep pH Tester: Industrial & Scientific

    $40 and a solid meter. Hanna also makes this one: Checker pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode: Kitchen & Dining

    Which I think is a piece of crap. Totally unreliable and way too touchy.

    Just remember, you need to buy 2 calibration solutions and the electrode storage solution as well. You could probably do without the storage solution, but then you are really in a guessing game about how accurate your meter is. Ph. is critical, so I dont recommend skimping on that.
  4. 1st meter = good stuff
  5. I don't trust any ph meter that's not blue labs... I went through 5 meters that were in the $30 - $70 range (including Hanna) and they all turned out to not work good. The main problem you will find is that the meter won't stay on a reading, it will just keeping ticking up or down, and if it does stop on a number it's not garunteed to be accurate. If you really care about ph get a $250 blue lab ph meter, or the combo ph, ppm meter (yeah it's for serious growers)

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