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seven grams for fourty bucks??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by herbalist560, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. I just met this dealer and grwoer& he told me that i could get seven grams of dankkkk for fourty bucks. Hes nephew showed me one of the stuff that he grows (i couldnt take a look closley) buutt all i know is that it reeksss like its smells like straight up skunk and sticky as shit. I dont know but.... hopefull what im about to get from him is exactly as what his nephew showed me... -___-
  2. if you got money to play with take the chance if your tight on dough dont
  3. try it, sometimes you find good deals that way.
  4. 35 a quarter for some dank purp?

  5. $40-50 a quarter is standard price round here. gotta love california i guess!:smoke:

  6. Same here in BC, although they tend to let the real good stuff go for closer to 50-60 a Q around here.

    Still a damned good deal, compared to some places. I couldn't afford 120$ for a Quarter honestly, i'd just have to grow.
  7. fresh homegrown always reeks more than its worth, but it could be a good purchase, and hey atleast you know its safe nug

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