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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by reshtafa, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. i have 2 vho lamps(60 cm 18 wats each )
    2 heat lamps
    1 vent 4'' size
    1.5*1.5*2 room size

    can i groe somthing good in it?
    any tips for a indor beginer?


  2. By no means Am I an expert, I have five plants right now, all growing under two 40 watt flouros. supplemented with sun light, a little each day, and they seem fine... but even with a total of 80 watts, it has its disadvantages, like not enough light. lol... the plants grow taller with long internodes (not a desireable triat, especially when they are small, as they tend to topple over under their own weight... so from what I know Im pretty sure that 32 watts of light (althgouh Im NOT sure in relation to vho lamps) will not be sufficient for growing. as for the heat lamps, Ive never heard of using these in a grow (as a light source) probably not a good idea to try growing with them as they might burn the plants. I know you want to keep the temp around 70-75f though. (last I heard)

    as for the space, everything Ive read leads me to say: get a bigger space, if at all possible. at LEAST four feet tall, and 2 wide...and thats pretty small as this is what I have and its pretty slim in there.... so i hope this helps, i see nobody has responded, so I thought I the mean time, browse this site, youll learn much (there is much to learn ;-)...)and check out also....take care, grow careful.

    Ave atque vale.

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