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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by GanjaFarmer, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Hello All, GrassCity Rules!

    That said....

    Anyway I just got a 150w HPS today. (ie "Creative Scrounging") and I have 4 33w 2ft floro's. Making a grand total of 339w combined.

    The box that I want to make is 3ft Tall, 3 Ft Long, And 20 In Deep.

    Note: If the rule of thumb..
    40W = 2000 Lumens
    40 W per square FT

    Then will this be enough lumens and wattage for my box size?

    Also I intend to top my plants using the Fimming Method and then put them under a chcick wire screen for The SCrog method.

    Will this be enough space?

    Always thanks for any and all replys.

  2. First off ,,let's make an adjustment.

    150w HPS approx 16000 lumens,,I don't know what tube you use in the 2 footers,so I can't post the lumens for you. But 4 at 33w is of course 132w...and brings it to 282w

    Yes you have enough,but I would suggest making it at least 42in tall,,this will give a little more actual growspace once lights,fans,outlet and container are in,,for the plant,and screen.

    good luck.peace
  3. I've read that a 40 watt flourescent bulb is equal to 175watts of an incandescent bulb approx. I'm using 4 33watt 2' flourescents with 200 watts of incandescent light(Not the best but from what I've read can be used in conjuction with the flouro's.) With all that said I hope I have approx 300 -350 watts of light total. But i'm also growing in quite a small room, and they seem to be doing quite well. Peace Out Crocodile. I'm using the Grow Sho tubes for plants in my 2 footers.
  4. I would recommend making your box taller. If your grow container is only 12 inches in height and you need to have at least but probably more than 12 inches of clearance between the plant tops and lights, that only leaves you 12 inches of growth. At a minimum, your gro box needs to be at least 5 feet tall. That'll give you 36 inches of growth for your first set-up and will do OK until you can feel comfortable with a scrog set-up.

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