setup & PH 7 = sick plants? twice?

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  1. ok wtf.

    i have 12 plants in 6" pots growing under a 400watt mh. 85F 40% humidity average. Plenty of vent. 3x4ft cab grow.

    my soil consists of:
    • 3 parts* perlite
    • 3 3/4 parts worm castings
    • 2 parts scotts seedling soil
    • 8 parts scotts potting soil
    • 3 tbs 5-3-3 espoma plant-tone
    My last grow had 12 tbs of espoma plant tone, but did relatively the same thing.

    At about 2 weeks, the plants start drooping. Last time, i thought they needed nutes cause the leaves curl up at the start and then just end in a bad shriveled droop. I gave them a full watering of nutes and thought i burned the shit out of em, but after flushing them and everything, they just continued to get worse.

    i scratched that grow :/

    this grow, they started drooping about the exact same time, and they're only getting worse. it's pretty bad folks. i wish i had pics, but i don't.

    the only thing i can think of is that i used too little perlite and my soil is not airy enough? i still don't think it'd go to shit like this...they are unbelievably vigorous and have like 4 growths at every node and the spacing is very small. then they just hit this

    i had a grow a while back that i used plain MG soil in and even though i treated those plants liek shit and never even fully flowered them, they never did crap like this. i know i over ferted a couple times too and never even flushed. pleeeeease help.

    MY SOIL PH HAS NEVER BEEN BELOW 6.5 OR ABOVE 7.2 (i know 6.2-6.8 is best, but i know those are still well within range)

    btw, "setup & ph 7.." was supposed to be "sufficient setup & ph 7..." hah.
  2. By the way, here is the link for the fert i'm using.

    after reading this page:

    it sounds like it could be zinc or Molybdenum. dono what Molybdenum is...
    the small leaf symptom it describes for Zinc is perfect, and maybe even the coloring, but im noob and they also look like the overwatered ones, but they were bone dry when the crap started. no, they weren't just drooping asking for water.

    the original leafs started deforming when this started. no discoloring, just like...not as flat and perfect. no order to it, as in curling up or down. kinda all over the place.

    i see that high PH could be causing zinc to lock out. i have mixed some rice vinegar and a little coffee to make a PH downer...should i try using that tonight?

    i used my fert water (basically plant-ton tea) yesterday and the plants looked like they were looking up a ltitle until this morning, and one in particular was beginning to shrivel again.

    i added 1/3 tbs dolomite lime to one of them and a little water, but after 4 hrs it was looking the same, but maybe a lil worse.

    help before they die! i can't start over again! AGH!
  3. i've been reading more, and i still can't imagine what the hell is wrong with my grow. through deduction, it seems like the only possible problem is that the Espoma plant-tone nutes are creating some wierd sort of balance - like maybe too much of one and not enough of another? the issue would be within the trace elements...if this is the issue, would buying a plain 20-20-20 fert fix the problem? they exhibit many of the problems, as if they may have multiple deficiencies.

    someone response por favor.
  4. Your type and contents of fertilizer along with your PH looks fine to me. The only question I have is does that Scott's potting soil have any added nutrients in it being that it is "for seedlings"? Two weeks is a little young to start feeding I think. Pictures would really help as well.
  5. the seedling and potting soil each had .01% Available Phosphate

    and like i said, i didn't feed all of them, just a couple to see the result. the result is they alllook like shit.
  6. Hey check out my pic is this what's happening to your plants because it sounds like we have it in common. Pic is at Plant Woes,
    Cheers Trilby:)
  7. im a organic hydro flood table kind of guy but my partners filled some empty spaces with some exspensive miracle grow somthin like 15/15 /??somthin or other i mixed in some fluffy peat(think it was shultz)& ill be damed if they dont look sturdy and amazed how good they look...they are half the size of my earth juice fed flood tables/seed into jiffys into four inch rockwool into fired clay pellets on a 15 minute feed every hour...but they look good...nice and compact.
    your problem must be the medium/soil/mix/stuff
    good luck,
    scary visionary

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